• http://prettycrabby.com Em

    Ohmigod. The expression on her face is priceless.Like “WHAT is going on?”

    Funny. FUNNY.

  • http://www.schwitterweb.net Kendra

    She looks absolutely stunned. That’s great. :) Happy birthday to the cutie!

  • bb

    You mean, she had to have you do that to her? I thought the logical progression would have been doing that to herself on her wee first birthday!

  • http://sunday.sectionx.org Seven

    Aww, come on, it’s chocolate! She doesn’t mind a bit.

  • http://www.kempland4u.com Gooooder

    she seems to enjoy it!

    that is what cake is for!

  • hannah

    how does she do it? she just gets cuter. it’s unfair.
    and why don’t i look that cute with icing all over my face! there’s no fairness in the world.

  • Ryan’s Mom

    If you didn’t lick this off her head, you are beyond twisted.
    How cute!!

  • http://www.fudgeit.org bushra

    ha, brilliant! i just knew there’d be an after pic!

  • http://staysix.org Ali

    Man, I want cake.

  • Erin

    Stella: Only in a HUGE 1/2 PAGE PICTURE on the cover of the lifestyle section, I think.

    There I was yesterday just standing there in Starbucks, waiting for my latte, glancing at the paper. Bombs, elections in Iraq, hmmmm…anything interesting in the other sections? HEY, THAT’S LETA! Great pic BTW!

  • http://georgeboone.blogspot.com GEORGE!

    you see what happens when you let her in the toilet?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Thanks for calling yesterday, sorry I didn’t pick up.

  • Cristin


    Heather – my lil one, Katie, wants to know if I can set up a play date.

    seriously. She is now obsessed with Leta, after seeing her here and in the NYT, and wants me to send her pic, and invite Leta over to play with her barbies.

    she is just 5, by the way.

    Next time you’re in NJ, let me know.

    :P I promised her, guys…..y’know?

  • http://www.biggaysam.blogspot.com Big Gay Sam

    hmmm…a new marketing ploy.

    chocolate covered baby cheeks.

  • http://www.pissybritches.blogspot.com Pissy Britches

    That totally looks like poop on her face. Poor kid! I wish I would have done that to my kid. She wouldn’t touch the damn cake..everyone made fun of me for teaching her not to get dirty already. Leta, you are the cutest freakin baby EVER!

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    caption: “i am not a monster…i am a human being!”

  • http://brendajo.blogspot.com stella

    She was in the NY Times? Where?

  • Kassi

    Chocolate Covered Baby…
    Have we ever figured out why we, as parents call our children delicious, edible, yummy?

  • Ang

    Aaawwww, this picture makes me wanna have my own… choco cake! :P

    Adorable beyond words.

  • http://itwillbefunny.blogspot.com Cathy

    That must be good for your skin. Now is when the baby cheeks should smell like saliva from all the eating of the face.

  • Sparky

    Heather, A while ago my daughter sent me your story. I think Leta is the most precious baby I have ever seen Her eyes, everything about her is just BEAUTIFUL!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETA, I think your mom is very proud of you, and rightfully so!!

  • cottoncandygirl

    You’ll never get the chocolate off the Prima Poppa though!

  • http://www.lindseyandray.com/blog.html Library Girl

    Ahhh she wears the Chocolate Look well :)

  • http://shenuts.com Sarcastic Journalist

    it hurts me to see icing that is not being eaten.

  • Rachel

    Happy Birthday to Leta!!! My husband opened up the NY times yesterday morning and I looked over and said “hey, its Leta”. The Dooce baby.” Congrats on her first year and her new found fame.

  • http://txlonghornwife.blogspot.com The Wife

    How friggin cute! I had the same thing happen to me for my first birthday. Except it was cherry pie. Mmmmm….pie. Happy early Birthday Leta!

  • MamaPajama

    Question: Was she naked for the cake ritual or did you finally run out of clean clothes for her to wear?

  • Carla Beth

    Doesn’t look like chocolate. Sorry, Leta.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    That totally looks like poo. Maybe you should have kept a diaper on her and just left the clothes off. *shrug*

  • http://redhappens.com red

    AWE! everyone should have a picture with cake all over their faces on their 1st birthday. :)

  • http://www.partimer.blogspot.com Carol

    Leta’s expression is priceless!! “Hey, Lady!! What did you just put on my face….. oh, wait, mmthmm, thmmmm. OK go ahead.”

    I love first bithdays! So fun.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/~whimoffate Chessy

    That is fabulous! Thank you for showing us Leta in all of her chocolate glory. :) I love the smiley face of icing. That is just priceless.

    You Rock!

  • http://www.marymuses.com Mary

    I’ve done similar things to kids that aren’t even mine. Does that mean I’ll have to pay all their therapy bills? Oh dear, I think I’ll have to get a couple of extra jobs.

  • http://micahluki.blogspot.com megan

    wow! ice cream fingers on your rug and potential chocolate icing, too!! you’re braver than i! :)

  • http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A14CSJMF178VYT/ref=cm_aya_rev_all/102-9588071-1376154 Laurel 825

    Happy B-day to her. Cute kid.

  • http://brendajo.blogspot.com stella

    did you make the smash cake? you domestic goddess you.

  • http://Okie Melanie/Okie

    Moxie I saw that. I was not going to comment but how funny is that.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Dooce, is the aforementioned “stuff you smeared on her head?” Dammit, why didn’t MY mom smear chocolate on my head when I was just a tadpole? Oh no, SHE had to smear…oh…..I’m not …um…supposed to talk about…..uh…….LOOK OVER THERE! (points, excitedly)..A DISTRACTION!

  • http://moxiemoron.diaryland.com Moxie

    Nothin’ says maternal lovin’ like a baby with chocolate pasties.

  • http://brendajo.blogspot.com stella

    she has got some goregeous hair color emerging.

    and Raliegh Springs Mall is a ghost town. Aint nuttin left but Sears.

  • http://plazajen.blogspot.com/ Jennifer in Kansas City

    Gotta ask…. did Chuck get to help her clean up?

    I have days that would be greatly improved by schmearing chocolate icing on my cheeks and forehead.

  • http://evil-stepmother.blogspot.com Evil Stepmother

    Ah, first birthday. Did you have 2 cakes? One for her, and the other for Actual Consumption? Because that looks homemade, but I know even grocery stores will throw in a free little cake for a first birthday.

    I dropped my fist in the center of my first birthday cake. Okay, my first three, to be honest. My neice, memorably, ate the frosting off the perimeter – turn, chomp, repeat. What did you/your kids do with the first cake?

  • http://kerriesplace.co.uk/weblog kerrie

    Don’t worry – in a couple of years she will be doing that to you for fun so its good to get your turn in while she is young!

  • http://www.august95.blogspot.com August95

    What a great shot, Leta looks thrilled, but I bet Chuck is happier than she is.

  • http://Okie Melanie/Okie

    I Love this, I was about to fall off the deep end this morning. Look how cute you are on your pretend it is Thursday Birthday party. I don’t have to be overwhelmed with life today. It really is this simple, Smiles and Chocolate Cake

  • Cheryl

    I bet Leta loved picking it off her face and throwing it on your Persian rug… but she must have looked darn cute doing it. She is the most adorable 11 month and 27 day old baby I have ever seen!

  • rich

    Chill out on mormons? What the fuck? Mormons are what I call the UGLY people. Not because of their actual physical ugliness, but due to that self-righteous look they give those (like me) that don’t buy into their bullshit anymore. Leave them and they still like you while there is a chance that you might return (with your 10%), once they know for sure you ain’t coming back. They look down on you. After giving away years of our lives to their church, I think we have the right to beat it down as often as we like. Not so much because we now see behind the curtain, but because of their betrayal to us by their re-writing of history and lying to us.
    BTW, I speak for myself. And do not pretend to speak for the other thousands that are leaving that religion in droves.
    Oh yeah, and now that I am on topic. And as you might have noticed. Pissed off! Tell the mormon church to leave the rest of us alone and we might cut them some slack. Until they stop bothering us knocking on our doors, I will continue to tell them what I think of them when I see them on the street.

  • Becky

    krissy pants, that is very clever. Except she can’t be ‘S.B. Two’ until next year. For now, it must be ‘S.B. One-A,’ don’t you think? ;)

  • http://www.partimer.blogspot.com Carol

    Jeez, did I miss a lot last night, or WHAT?? After reading all the comments, all I have to say is this….

    GOOD MORNING!! : )

  • http://alenaswebpage.blogspot.com/ Alena

    Heather, that seems about right. My mom shoved my face in the cake on my first birthday, for a similar photo op.

  • http://someadventure.blogspot.com/ Girl.A

    You add it to the tag.