• Annejelynn

    another thing Holly-dear,

    WAY WAY uncool to insinuate Leta’s first year has been wholly affected by her mother’s battle with depression… it’s not like Leta was ever carted off by social services!?! She has a HUGELY loving family, immediate and extended, and a WONDERFUL father too, tah fill in whenever mommie is having a tough time. And when mommie is up and at ‘em, I’m sure Leta knows with every fiber of her baby being that she is certainly loved and adored by her mother.

  • Matt in London

    Typical Friday night I reckon.. :-)

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    I think we should all join hands and sing Kumbaya

    Kumbaya My Lord…mmm hmmm hmmm OH LORD!! Kumbaya. ALTOGETHER NOW

  • Alicia

    Holly, your comments are just not helpful to anyone reading this blog — or to anyone who has ever been depressed. Why would you say such cruel things? Why can’t you (and others like you) just leave people alone? Those of us who suffer from depression and anxiety totally get Dooce. Those of us who are fun totally get Dooce. Thanks, Dooce, for always being honest, for giving us hope and humor, and for being awesome.

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/01_31_2005.html Melissa

    Adorable! You’re right, Heather. THIS is what kids are for!

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    Holly Holly Bo Bolly Nafattass Ho Holly Me My Go Fuck Yourself

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/imptemotion/ Leslie

    Teehee. I can’t stop giggling. That picture is too cute. :o )

  • http://misskimberley.blogspot.com Kimberley

    That is something every mother should say.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    AAAh my LIVER! heh heh heh heh liver heh heh heh heh (Beavis and Butthead LMAO)

  • http://wouldashoulda.com/ Mir

    Can we get GOD down here to smite Holly in her self-righteousness, please? Pretty please??

  • http://sadandbeautiful.typepad.com Sarah

    But hot damn, was I first or what?!

  • Stefani

    I just want to say thank you, Heather, for sharing your experience with post partum depression. I am still recovering from my own bout with PPD and it has meant a lot to me to come your site and read about your journey. I think you are gutsy and your sense of humour is awesome and inspiring.

  • http://www.canyonjam.net erat

    Wow, I think Mr. Meyer (http://meyerweb.com) didn’t like what he read in the NYT article.

  • http://sadandbeautiful.typepad.com Sarah

    It’s not showing up!!! :(

  • Cathi

    Girl.A (#342) – Me, too… But I did just get home from a “Tool Instruction and Empowerment Workshop.” lol

    Leta’s such a doll. My child won’t touch chocolate — gets that from her father I guess; she will devour pineapple, but the sticky mess isn’t as cute (although it makes her quite edible). Me – I’m seriously considering filling a cup with leftover chocolate fondue and getting a straw.

    Holly needs to get herself educated about the hormonal changes that hit women when they’re pregnant. Clinical depression or not, post-partum depression can kick anyone’s ass, but I’ve read that it can be worse when you have both. Heathen that I am, I thank God that I escaped that; my sleep-deprived thoughts of throwing a screaming baby out the window only lasted until I took a deep breath (and screamed into a sink full of cold water).

  • Annejelynn

    okay now Holly, gonna hafta kick some ass here if you don’t lay off …

    Depression is not something that makes one unworthy of experiencing motherhood and unable to be a mother successfully. Treated responsibly, all can be deemed manageable –challenging, nonetheless, but manageable.

    And if one is already clinically depressed, it doesn’t mean one can’t ALSO suffer (severely) from post-partum.

  • Ashley

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Kate

    Well Holly…

    My father was bi-polar, so I guess I shouldn’t have been born either.

    Susie, I absolutely agree with you.

    And Holly? You’re not welcome here.

  • Carrie

    Well, Holly, that was a break from the normal rave reviews for Heather. But geez, you kind of need to chill out.
    I’ll admit you have a tinge of a point, although I still pretty much worship Heather and love the picture.

  • Diana

    It’s definitely a mother’s right ;)

  • Cristin

    ….just getting back from “Mom’s night out” and Susie, you rock!

    Amberlyn- That is EXACTLY what I meant about it being great for some of us to hear of another woman’s struggles with depression. Heather, we know you are not a saint, but your honesty has touched many. Thank You

    GirlA – you and Dr Johnny Fever made me spit my caffeine-free Diet soda. At least my monitor is now really clean…

  • http://lavanotes.diaryland.com Lavanotes

    I hear chocolate is fantastic for the skin when used in facials so you’re really doing her quite a service. Yummy little creature.

  • http://www.injust-spring.com Alex

    Chocolately goodness.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    susie, what you wrote, SO touches my heart. i’m really, my god, in tears. thank you, from someone who comes from a long line of people with depression… a great-grandmother who died in a mental institution — i’m so glad she went ahead and had kids, and did the seeminglingly impossible.

    thank you.

  • http://lostanotherme.blogspot.com Elle Wiz

    That IS chocolate, right?

  • carriemouse

    Dooce, you are me hero.

    I once gave my nephew a vomit-flavored jellybean JUST TO SEE THE LOOK ON HIS FACE. And it was PRECIOUS. Sadly (or maybe fortunately), having no kids of my own, I am forced to experiment on my sister-in-law’s kids.

    Call me evil (or worse), but it was worth it, and I’ll say the same thing to the devil when I go straight to hell.

  • Holly

    First off when the term “mommy blog” is thrown around, it’s not Dooce who comes to mind. And apparently the people at BOB (best of Blog) awards thought so too. Her having a child isn’t what she’s known for, she’s known for her “dooced” incident. Why w you were included in the article dumfounds a lot of the blog community. But since you’re well- known it would at least have the readership of your site–good thiking NYT!

    Lastly it irks me to no end that Heather is now trying to pass off her chemical depression as post partum—WTF, it’s a totally different thing. Heather you were depressed before you had Leta, you choose to get pregnant, and your depression was not because of the pregnancy, why would you even claim such a thing?! “Chemical depression runs in my family: six of my mother’s eight brothers and sisters have it, my grandmother had it, my brother suffers from it daily.” Your words–

    You knew going in you were chemically dependent, what a selfish thing to do, look what Leta’s first year was like because of those choices. Mommy’s loosing it, mommy’s having to have others take care of her because she can’t cope, mommy’s in the funny farm, mommy’s not taking good care of me. No, you’re not selfish and self absorbed, than who is? You choose to get pregnant knowing you were more than likely not going to be able to do it. This is a good mother?!

    BTW I don’t see the humor in putting frosting on the child. Having a picture taking of a child who’s eaten the cake with their hands and has made a mess—is funny. A mom who puts food on her kid, to post the picture on her site is for totally self-absorbed reasons. The reporter was right on in his description of you.

  • http://someadventure.blogspot.com/ Girl.A

    I am starting to get turned on by all the sucking round here.

  • http://aletterunsent.blogspot.com steph

    That little dollop of icing on her nose is totally precious!

  • Dang Cold…



    Hey, today is MY birthday and since I just gave birth last Wednesday, It is being ignored, so thanks for the birthday cake pictures. I’ll pretend you put them on just for me (Happy Birthday Leta! Aquarians RUUUUULE)

  • http://helenrips.com helen

    clearly this was the picture that should’ve made nytimes frontpage

  • Big Gay Sam

    Amanda B. said at 04:23PM, 01.31.2005:
    If I was a genius, maybe Big Gay Sam wouldn’t have walked out on me.


    We are more than the sum of our parts. But some parts we just can’t do without sister girlfriend ;op

  • http://www.veryzen.blogspot.com Amanda B.

    Oooh. Holly J.- that was kinky.

  • Ms. Belle

    Hey Heather, guess what? I went to register (under a fake name) on the NY Times website so I could see the article and Leta’s picture (CUUUUUTTE pic, by the way)…..I chose the user name “SUCKIT” but it came back and told me that I would have to be “SUCKIT64″ because apparently SUCKIT0-SUCKIT63 were already taken. That’s awesome!

  • http://www.xanga.com/heathabee heathabee

    I just noticed as I scrolled to the very bottom of the page, here! You have to change the copyright dates on the bottom of your pages – it’s 2005, lady!


  • http://www.veryzen.blogspot.com Amanda B.

    Oh, no, wait. That’s *penis* not genius.

  • http://dirtyfloorsandfilthyjokes.blogspot.com/ closet metro

    High five to Jaia for crudely appropriate, and damn funny too.

  • http://observedandnoted.blogspot.com Sandy

    I read the NYT article too and had the exact same reaction, “Wow Leta is so cute, but what is this validation crap?” I read this blog because I just think you’re funny. You were funny when you didn’t have a baby and you’re funny as a mom. So they can suck it! (By the way a brilliant phrase and I was so pleased to know others out there were using it, in a way it made me feel, well…validated.)

  • http://trancejen.diaryland.com Trance

    Every day I learn more and more inventive ways to curse as a result of reading this comments section. Love it.

  • http://www.veryzen.blogspot.com Amanda B.

    Lauren- me? a genius? Evil genius, Maybe. That’s about it.

    If I was a genius, maybe Big Gay Sam wouldn’t have walked out on me.

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    Holly, I just FedEx’d you my ass. When it gets there, KISS IT!

  • Annejelynn

    This below soooo applies to today’s photo…

    DG said at 07:55PM, 01.08.2005:

    Sometimes, when I visit dooce.com, I fight the urge to LICK my screen.

    Yes, despite all the Poop-Talk, THAT’S how tasty I find HERE to be.

  • Holly J

    What an adorable picture! You could ice a whole other cake with that icing!

    As another Holly, It’s kind of funny to hear everyone saying “suck it Holly!” I assure you I am one Holly that adores you, Dooce. As someone whose severe depression has been worsened tenfold by hormonal imbalances, I absolutely sympathize. So SUCK IT HOLLY!

    (wow, that sounds really weird)

  • http://runningrampid.blogspot.com Alyssa

    Boy oh boy, don’t ask me why for one single instant I thought that was poop, before I read the caption…

    I was thinking too much of my own history with my 9 month old.

  • http://www.anti-aliased.net Jaia

    The saddest thing about Holly (or maybe I should specify — Bad Holly) is that she took the time to copy & paste quotes to try to back up her point.

    Actually, that reminds me of a quote from a movie I saw once: “Shut that cunt’s mouth or I’ll come over there and fuckstart her head!”

    Crude, but I daresay appropriate.

  • http://www.laurenbove.blogspot.com laurenbove

    Thanks for those mad props, AmandaB. You’re obviously witty and fun, but a genius too? Uh Oh, triple threat in the house! Can I get a “HaaaaaayMEN!”

  • Marianne

    If you can do this to her now, I can’t imagine what you’ll do to her on Halloween.

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • tk

    Yay!!!! “Chocolate covered Baby” picture…. LOVE it!!!!


  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/bubbychucks jordan

    Making it into the NYTimes before your first birthday … that’s a sign that wonderful things are in store for you Leta. Happy Birthday.