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If you look closely you can see the third tooth

Must give props to Jon for capturing this moment. Also, for yesterday’s photo I kinda liked, “Fred.”

Don’y give up, gotta do what you wanna do! BOOM BOOM BOOM

Early yesterday evening Jon and I went to the gym and climbed on two elliptical trainers situated right next to each other. I had bought a People magazine so that I could read why Brad and Jen are leading — cue the song — Se-hep-rate Lives, while I burned as many calories as I could [...]

I cannot decide what to call this photo, will you help me?

Why simply enjoy an organism when you can experience a sensational organism?

Yesterday Beth called to tell me about the experience that inspired this entry on her website. When she got to the part where her mother called up from the bathroom, “Do you want that book in your bathroom?…Sensational Organisms?” I honestly thought to myself, “I wonder what organisms would be considered sensational? Amoebas? Single-celled? Ticks? [...]

Chuck, age 4 months, first instance of clothed humiliation

That’s our apartment in LA. Do you see the baby fat seeping out of the collar of the shirt?


I just realized that today, the 2nd Inauguration of George W. Bush, the only thing Leta has wanted to chew on to soothe her teeth is my Official Notice of Voter Registration card I pulled out of my purse as I cleaned it out this morning. Pure coincidence, I suppose, but I’m glad it’s making [...]

How to Annoy Me

She used to grit her gums, BUT NOW SHE HAS TEETH. SHE’S GRITTING HER TEETH. ALL THREE OF THEM. GRIT. GRIT. GRIT. There could not possibly be a more horrifying noise anywhere in the universe. MY GOD, THE PAIN.



That I sound like I’m crying toward the end of the interview, but really, I was laughing because sitting next to me was my child surrounded by a thousand goldfish and a wallet emptied of all its cards and receipts, and she was leaning over as far as she could to see just where she [...]

Dog Park

On Sunday’s trip to the dog park with Emily I took about 4,000 photos. Maybe not that many, really, but a whole bunch, mostly of strange dogs and Emily picking up those strange dogs and giving them kisses. We met her at the top of the park and walked down the path all the way [...]