Wait, wait, wait . . .

  • http://www.smockblog.com jules

    p.s. I like his silver blingbling

  • http://www.archie.com erika

    I do the same thing to my schnauzer. Ahh, the furry beasts. The thing is, it looks like torture, but they love ethe end result, so is it really torture?

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/02_04_2005.html R

    WOW – that is concentration! Go Chuck Go!

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    I’m personally not a huge fan of taxidermy, but whatever floats your boat…

  • http://medstudentwhoknits.blogspot.com Kristen

    If only I had that much concentration….

  • http://heterophobic.org/journal girl

    heh. I love dogs that can do that.

    p.s. your entry for Leta’s birthday was absolutely beautiful. hopefully someday I will have a mini-me as lovely as she is and feel the type of love that you feel for her. Happy birthday, Leta!

  • http://thebigsis.blogspot.com Tiffanie

    Since, I don’t usually comment, I’ll get it all out at once.

    I LOVE Chuck Fridays. He’s the cutest dog.

    Leta is adorable, too. You guys are awesome parents and don’t let anyone tell you different.

    Utah…yeah, she scares me too but boy am I craving some Cafe Rio and mazurka. I’m tempted to fly down there and get some.

  • http://cheeseblog.org e

    amazing self-control – chuck is such a good little doggie! :-)

  • Arwen

    Anticipation makes everything taste better…

  • http://www.mycircuslifeblogspot.com Circus Kelli

    Ah… if only my kids would sit that still…

    Great picture! Good boy, Chuck!

  • Teresa

    Leta is beautiful. Chuck is cute. Utah scares me.

  • al

    No big deal, I can do that, but of course I’m Italian and my nose is bigger…..

  • http://chloeishere.blogspot.com/ Chloe

    Whoops! ADD one hour. You can’t blame me, it’s 5 am.

    I also fucking hate people who go to stores this early, which makes stores open at 6 am. Y’all suck. Now that really is all!

  • http://www.mamaramma.blogspot.com Susan

    Does he know there’s a treat there? Someone should tell him.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    So next Friday we get to see Chuck in lipstick? I can’t WAIT!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/_east edith

    hi chuck!
    chuck is handsome and he has wide open eyes.


  • http://chloeishere.blogspot.com Chloe (is here)

    Oh, Chuck. I love you, you rascal!

    Please look at the time. Then subtract one hour. I’m late for work. I fucking hate retail.

  • http://www.lindseyandray.com/blog.html Library Girl

    Oh god, Sir Chuck’s Alot is the cutest thing on 4 furry paws!!!

  • sam

    I’m just impressed that he can do tricks in front of other people. My dog knows tons of tricks, but he turns into a total spaz everytime I want him to do one in front of someone else!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/_east edith

    hi chuck! i’m edith nice to meet you.
    your dog is pretty, he has wide open eyes.

  • http://Okie Melanie/Okie

    Oh shit did you really just say that to Grandmommie.. You have some nerve that I have never quite experienced in my life.. I drink to you oh wise one….

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/firestartermsu/ Carolynne

    Look at that concentration!

  • http://spuriousplum.blogspot.com Superplum

    I think my dog laughed at me.

  • http://ladybug4791.tripod.com/ladybug/ LadyBug

    What a good dog. Who’s a good boy, huh, Chuck? Chuck’s a good boy! (Here’s a *virtual belly scratch* for Chuck.)

    How old is he in that pic, Dooce? He looks young there. Or has he recently had some Botox?

  • AshleyP

    I wish I could get my dog to behave that well!!! Well Done Chuck, Well Done. And I know her bday was yesterday, but HAPPY BDAY LETA!!!

  • http://www.susannahperry.com Susannah

    That’s SUCH a good dog party trick. We’re trying to teach Belle (our golden) to do that but when she gets excited (as she tends to do whenever there is a treat within a 50 foot radius of her nose) she does this whole body wiggle that makes balancing a treat on the nose VERY difficult. Look at Chuck though…such concentration. Must be form his Congressman days.

  • Michelle

    Hmm, I wonder how many people who saw this picture tried this with their own dogs at home. I have to say that I did, and umm, it didn’t work…

  • http://ladybug4791.tripod.com/ladybug/ LadyBug

    Props to Bucky Four-Eyes once again (that’s twice in a couple weeks, isn’t it?), for not only being first, but for making an actual comment on the picture, and completely resisting the urge to type “FIRST!”

  • http://spuriousplum.blogspot.com Superplum

    Girl A. a bit late in replying but thanks for the props on the spuriousness. Whatta Wookie.

    P.S. I feel the tequila (Patron silver is nice, cause I’m ghetto), but Ketel One makes me pay for valet parking.

  • http://www.marymuses.com Mary

    I just love Chuck, and I just love Fridays, and I just love it that now they appear together. RUFF!

  • http://www.mycircuslife.com Circus Kelli

    Y’all are nuts… ;)

  • Dang cold…

    Woof Woof to Fridays :D . Man, what a week!!

  • http://www.smockblog.com jules

    laugh, i always get messed up when i come here because of the time change. i think WOW, no one’s left a comment in 2 hours?! holyshit! what the hell’s going on.. and it takes me awhile.. because I’m slow like that. then it dawns on me..yeah.. word to big bird, yo!


  • http://kelliamanda.blogspot.com/ KelliAmanda

    My dogs would SO not sit there and wait for the treat. Good boy, Chuckles!

  • kelc_in_OZ

    this old man he
    played nine
    he played knick-knack
    on *MY* line

  • bb

    Ahhh! I thought for sure today you’d have a birthday pic of Leta up! I was waiting for it too!

  • http://someadventure.blogspot.com/ Girl.A

    Knick knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone…

  • Cheryl

    IT’S FRIDAY!!! YEAY CHUCK… you make my Fridays so much better.

  • lala

    Sometimes Leta looks a little sweaty in her pictures. Is she an energetic child or are you dressing her warmly against a fierce Utah winter?

  • http://eyesaverted.blogspot.com/ Wicked H

    What restraint! Good Boy Chuck.

    Happy Chuck Friday!!!!!

  • http://sunday.sectionx.org Seven

    Chuck is too cute.

  • Elaine

    Nice crouch shot of the person behind Chuck.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wow, Chuck’s got a boner named after him!

    Brings a li’l tear to mah eye. . .

  • alyssa


  • http://www.anybodysguess.blogspot.com CanadianAmy

    Ahh Carol… I hear ya. Just got kids to bed and still listening to the plaintive cries…….

  • tpaquin

    Did you know you have a cracker on your nose? Why aren;t the people sitting behind you telling you you have a cracker on your nose and you look funny?
    Something like that happened to me once, I had spinach in my teeth and my sisters refused to tell me and let me unkowingly suffer the embarassment just for thier pleasure…..
    Chuck, you have a cracker on your nose, you might want to brush it off.

  • http://www.anybodysguess.blogspot.com CanadianAmy

    Dr J:
    How much wood could a wood cHUCK chuck……….

  • http://amusingmyselfdaily.blogspot.com Molly


  • http://www.partimer.blogspot.com Carol

    p.s. says the weary mother, happy birthday little leta a day late. and chuck.. you’re beautiful, lipstick or not.

  • http://clobberblogger.blogspot.com/ Colleen from NJ

    I do that same thing to my sons. The 4-year-old is just not as patient as the 6-week-old.