It’s alive!

In the winter we rarely go in or out of the front door because we have no hallway at the front of the house. We always use the back door so that we don’t track mud or snow onto the hardwood floors. Unfortunately, this means that I forget about everything on the porch including these festive Halloween pumpkins. Jon was tasked with disposing of these rotting horrors but not before I could take a picture.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Ohmygod, Dooce! You are going to be national television?!? That is so incredible, although not surprising. You deserve props for standing up to the corporate dillweeds who fired you. I bet they are crapping their pants now, huh? Make sure to make mention of their pathetic name when you get interviewed! Ha! I think I am going to start my own weblog just so I can get fired from my job. Yeah. Make sure to tell us when you will be on tv – I can’t wait to see you and Leta! Have them take footage of her putting the circle block into the circle hole (let’s hope her hand doesn’t get stuck again!)

  • Danielle – shit

    I missed it all….


  • Heather K.

    I bought myself this sweatshirt ( two weeks ago….I think you could use one as well. DORK! :-)

  • Erin

    From the thumbnail, I thought it was going to be a picture of a blueberry muffin!

  • RazDreams

    play, rewind, play, pause, slow, rewind, play, sloooow, *rewind!*

    i saw leta blinking and moving and she’s just too darned adorable and heather was just lovin’ on her like a doting mom. scrumptious.

    then heather was talking and she was laughing a little, probably because jon was making faces at her and trying to get her to stop farting and keeping her from just shatting her pants right then. and there wasn’t enough time devoted to her. and i saw the DORK entry up close on the monitor. what dorks are they to actually show that?! they didn’t show the nasty stinky f’ed-up pumpkins rotting or GEORGE’S! poop in the potty, nor did they show chewed-up ducklings or chuck with his legs lifted. but leta was just edible and heather was purty.

  • Dang cold..

    in additon to me shouting “you sons a penis with ears mrs. jennings!!!”


  • Biggest Apple

    Wow! ABC World News huh? That’s one of the few newscasts they actually air here in the UK from back home. Coolness! Let us know when it’s supposed to air!

  • Creepy Susie

    in dooce name, amen!

    good night folks, its been real!

    big kiss to leta and chuck.

    see y’all in the mornin : )

  • jules

    woo, ABC is actually one of the FOUR FRICKIN channels i actually get! (new episode of LOST on tonight folks!) and in 24 hrs i’ll be on a plane to London! yay!

  • Psycho Kitty

    Ya know, speaking as someone who was once “dunked a Baptist”–I laugh every time you bring up the whole Mormon/Southern Baptist thing. Cause all the crap those SBs gave you? Just take the “Mormon” out of your stories and put in “Southern Baptist” and it would still be just as accurate: no drinkin’, no kissin’, and everybody’s goin’ to hell. Ahhhh, memories.
    Oh, and have fun with the News team.

  • Cristin

    eli-BWAH HAH

    Kristine- bab, If I am one, you’ve been a dooceling for some time now.

    heh . lubs ya all

  • Starla Dear

    Yay! I called my parents and they will record it for me and send me the tape! I just HAVE to see Dooce/Leta/Chuck in action! VERY short notice on ABC’s part though.

  • wealhtheow

    I use red worms to do composting (they eat my kitchen scraps and produce wonderful fertilizer) and they absoutely adore pumpkins! When we put our rotting pumpkin in our worm bin, it was gone in about a week. Vermicomposting–the wave of the future!

    I swear, I am not a freak.

  • Jeni Reno

    I’m totally devastated their wasn’t a schedule time posted on this website. I missed it! (I didn’t think it would run by tonight.)

    I hope there’s a clip tomorrow or link to one where we can see you!

  • JessicaRabbit

    Wow, when you sleep all day long and wake up to reading this, I even feel excited to watch. Woohoo!

  • carolina

    Ewwwwww! That’s just wrong.

  • copy_kitty

    Who was it who predicted trolls would arrive after the ABC story? (Can’t remember, since that was a squillion posts ago.)

    I say, let’s just love bomb them.

    Libby: here’s a big group hug to you! Feel the love? Yup. In our country, we call it “freedom of speech.”

    Welcome to Dooce.

    We’ve stamped your passport, now go home.

  • Dang Cold..

    not that I want to kill your buzz we’re all thrilled. NYT sucks and I’m hoping ABC doesn’t suck. If they do I’ll go to Peter Jennings mothers house here in Canada and throw a bag of fecal matter at her door…then kick her dog


    speaking of losing jobs and websites, is House of Wigs out of commission?


  • kendra

    Tee-vee! You did great, Heather. You really did.

  • moose

    …visions of frozen Canuck fecal matter flying through the air…

  • Danika

    Ahh I read your comment wrong then… I was thinking your were dissing our monopoly money.

  • eli

    addendum: (not that anything is wrong with being gay mind you!) it is just you who is wrong.

  • Girl From Ipanema

    I can’t wait to watch my dorky t.v tonight, while making my dorky dinner, and then sit on my dorky couch and watch you type DORK!:)


  • Libraryhill

    Dazed & Confused: Way to go!!

  • Laurel 825

    Congrats on the segment. Sorry I missed the broadcast.

    God must have forgiven your Waffle House follies – Good hair and good press…at the same time.

  • Molly

    First off.. YUCK! We had a frozen pumpkin last year.. this year we opted for no pumpkins…

    Secondly.. Can’t wait for the interview tonight.. Looking forward to watching you type DORK!

  • becca

    I’m adding rotting pumpkins to this list of things that upsets my pregnant sensibilities. Running to bathroom– now.

  • Lessa

    I just saw the interview here in AK, and I must say, you looked fabulous! And not entirely too nervous.

    though I wanted to hear Leta scream too. *L* oh well – maybe next time?

  • Matt

    Heather, I hope you are a complete narcissist and post a clip of your show so we won’t need to go looking for it.

  • Dang Cold..

    Denika…I love our monopoly money too. Just way different from the green that they have down there. Also the loonies and toonies. Way more pocket change up here than down there.

    Gonna go grab some vittles…

  • eli

    Libby – If you really had a point, why did you leave it here? Hmmm? If you are really so callous why don’t you spend your time making instead of stinking up the place here while we share the joy.

    anyhou, we all know that the name libby is a cover up for the fact that you are 40, male, overweight and gay suffering from a nasty case of website envy.

  • Dang cold..

    heather, you don’t suppose this is going to turn around and paint you as a self absorbed piece of scrotum dork cheese do you?? I love peter jennings and all as a canuck brother but hey…I’m just saying his shit may stick. Heads up..

  • Amanda B.

    Totally off the subject, sorry- but I am so goofy and tired today that I just walked by two total strangers and instead of saying “Hi!”, I said “Thank You!”

    And they said…”Uh, you’re welcome.”

    If I get arrested for being an insane person and don’t get to comment anymore, kick ass Doo-chay.

  • kristine

    I swear EVERYTIME I read M’kay when you write it, I laugh.

    The simple things in life.

    Thanks! keep em’ coming at those random moments!

  • Gabrielle Adams

    That’s as bad as they got? Here in the Pacific Northwest, our’s looked like that three days after Halloween!

  • Danika

    I happen to love our Monopoly money! Today is 12F/-11C which is about normal for this time of year. We often get temps of -30F in January and February but this year we didn’t get as much of that as we normally do. (I’m in Alberta)

    I agree with all the people asking.. please please let us know when the show is going to air!

  • Creepy Susie

    hell yeah we relate! i’ve been logged on from 9am and its 9:47pm EST now – i just put the kids to bed, hubby is on Metro Stars site, while watching Myth Busters and laughing at me for still refreshing for Dooce comments – its addictive cause it can happen to any of us, and how we deal with it is the key.

    Keep bringing the Dooce-ade Heather!

  • Susana

    dork-leks!! DORK-9!


    my husband just called me a crazy blog groupie!!

  • Pissy Britches

    Damn, that is totally long exactly has it been out there Dooce? Since Halloween? hahaha

  • Carol

    Hey, Libby, honey. It’s congraTulate. M’kay?

  • Dang Cold…

    Dorkter Who…zipping through different worlds on the Tardis.


  • Kassi

    mine are hidden under 4 inches of snow. My husband will get to take of the sludge in the Spring. :)

  • kelc_in_OZ

    When do we get to say ‘Suck IT!’ ???

  • erin

    Effie – the doodie balls are yummy. Email me if you want the recipe.

  • Cathi

    Hey thanks beachgal – and there’s the brainfart. I was looking for NBC. lol

  • Libraryhill

    Looks like there’s a hater amongst us dorklings…err doocelings.

  • Cori Skinner

    can’t wait to see ya on TV tonight, now I can say that I used to kinda know someone who’s famous!

  • beachgal

    From what I can tell from the TV Guide listings online, ABC World News is on at 6:30 pm, Eastern time.

  • leslie


    Jealous much? Methinks Libby wants something hot and red shoved up HER ass…

    Oh my, how these high profile interviews bring out the fucktards.