Self portrait Wednesday is in da house

Where is your self portrait, yo? According to Amanda B. (oh, and Mihow!) y’all need to bring it.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    You guys all suck tit. You always come out to play when I am doing my chores.


    Knock that shit off. For reals.

  • mihow

    Kristine, you bet! Each week will be clickable and include the person’s name and url which leads directly back to their site. It will be that way until we either run out of people or everyone says it sucks or I drop dead.

  • Confused

    What is it about monkeys? :-) Everywhere I go, there’s something about monkeys!

  • Ern

    Thanks, Girl.A. I’ve been gawking over at this whole time. If you haven’t gone to bed yet, lemme shoot a “YOU RAWK!” in your direction. And now I’m going to go puke. G’night!

  • Meggan

    What an intense look! Heather, you’re so pretty!

  • Relentless Christian Amber
  • jin-ah

    If this keeps up, I think you need a CHATROOM on your site. The way people are going on with each other for hundreds of messages, you might as well go all the way. Start your own media empire. Incorporate the Dooce franchise!

  • Sidney Ann

    You are too funny.

  • Annejelynn

    Okay = my dept. is all aware that I’ve had some health issues in the not so recent past and that I had been quite teary behind closed doors… I just realized why a few professors have been lately asking in one of those all so serious tones of concern “how have you been doing lately?” because 3 profs. have caught me bawling over the last couple days *all induced bawling…* I just got caught again.

    Heather, I am sooooo happy for you AND your father ~ that he clearly sees and recognizes your individual value beyond what he may have had in mind for you, resisting fatherly ideals – and happy for him, that he can communicate how he feels and what he thinks so openly to you (happy for you too, b/c he can do that). Awesome. Just awesome.

  • Zaz

    I don’t comment much – and I don’t know why dooce should listen to me or any other person here. But people like this badweebisis really annoy me.

    Based on dooce’s descriptions, Leta is well within the range of normal development. She interacts with peers. She makes eye contact. She has relationships with others. She’s babbling and forming words. She grasps objects and seems to enjoy exploring her environment. And they’re treating the not wanting pressure on her feet thing. There’s nothing to support a diagnosis of autism.

    Not that I would try to diagnose over the internet. That would be unethical. But it sure sounds like a bad case of “normal child.”

  • Nathan Logan

    Yeah, it’s pretty much the same idea. “There is nothing new under the sun”, I guess.

  • LadyBug

    Oh, Amber, you are so brave to post a pregnant picture!
    You look lovely.

    Can I just say….there’s no WAY I’ll get anything done at work today. I’m having too darn much fun looking at everyone’s pics!

  • Girl.A

    And I adore you, my sweet ass spelunker.

    Not that she ever spelunked my ass, mind you, dooce gossipers.
    I am not yet geriatric and lovably-deranged enough.

    Someday. sigh.

  • Ern

    Big shout out to Mihow and Toby Joe!

  • Chloe

    If my digital camera would work with my computer, I would SO put up a self portrait. But Kodak easyshare plus my gimpy computer= no such luck. If I ever get a chance to actually post a self portrait (If I could find a computer for $200, for example), I will totally link it here. Totally.

    Also, I thought the Wednesday was a reference to the Addams family. I’m like… well, not really, but a little. What is today again? Oh!

    Reconciliation– see, this website is good for more than poop talk! But the poop talk is SO good.

  • spoonleg

    I also learned a lot about hermaphrodites and pederasts and necrofeliacs that day. I love you, G.A.

  • kristine

    Hey Mihow, how long are you going to keep up all the pictures you end up posting?
    Meaning is there going to be an archive of old pictures from weeks past?
    Do you have enough space to be able to do that?

  • part-timer

    Ladybug – you’re kids are beautiful!! You are blessed.

  • ross

    How does it feel to post a picture of yourself and 586 people (and counting I’m sure) have something to say about it? That’s nuts.

  • Trance

    Dang Cold, I had the exact same hair as you in high school. I am jealous and want it back.

  • LadyBug

    part-timer – Thank you. And yes. Yes, I am.

  • Girl.A

    On that note, I think I’ll retire for the evening and leave you to discover the wonder that is… what wild deer like to do with homosapien urine.

    p.s. way to go dr fever. I thought the “10-year-old BVDs” might have put your troll-crusher remark over the bounds of “good taste”, but then I realized when reading Dooce’s post that you probably did not mean to compare the looks of “isis” [laugh] with the diarrhea-soaked underwear of a child, but rather, very aged diarrhea-soaked underwear. At least, 10 years is aged by most American shit-stained underwear standards. One can only hope.

    And even better, Dooce enjoyed those BVDs.

  • mihow

    Nathan, (and those who care) There is the (which covers reflective surfaces and is way cool) and we just created which Toby Joe (my partner in crime) is building a gallery for as we write. Stop by if you’d like. It’s going well so far.

    It will go live next Thursday. And the pictures from my site will move there permanently.

  • Fran

    two days in a row….

    you made me cry. :(

    I’m glad for you. In 2000, me and my poppa reconciled after 11 years of not talking after he disowned me. Love is a wonderful thing.

    :O Did I just quote Michael Bolton…Stealing from the Isley Brothers?

  • Ern

    You’re right, Amanda B. I may never be the same. The text over at the version is more descriptive, less textbook, more traumatizing, I’d say.

  • Ern

    What up, DC, my man?

  • Relentless Christian Amber

    Yes, your kids are soo cute! I didn’t imagine them with blonde hair.

  • Girl.A is an excellent source of information you may not find anywhere else, and information which may inspire repugnance…

    or make you puke.

    speaking of puke… (just kidding)

  • Dang Cold..

    Ern is in da house!!!!!

  • Relentless Christian Amber

    Erm, that was for Ladybug

  • spoonleg

    I remember one of the first times I met Girl.A here in the dooce comments was before she had a blog and every post included some horrid link. The first one I ever clicked was v.dentata, and I spent the next FOUR HOURS reading all kinds of gross shit on I called my boyfriend at work and was like, “did you know that this guy got his hand stuck in a meat grinder and it came out the other end??” He was less than thrilled.

    Ahhh, that’s my Girl.A. GOOD TIMES!

  • Trance

    Thanks Ern! My cat so looks stoned in that picture.

  • Manassas

    Actually Fish, the Union army lost both battles at Manassas.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to correct you and sound all snooty ‘n all. I’m just a history buff. :) I’ve always found history fascinating. Ok, history nerd…history dork…whatever.

  • Amanda B.

    No Ern, but once you’ve seen dentata…you are never the same.

    Sigh. I shall miss the old Ern.

    Although it will bring you closer to Girl A. which has many many perks. ;)

  • Ern

    Trance–you’re gorgeous, doll. I love your site!

  • Ninotchka

    Heather, that’s just beautiful. My Mom, yes, MY MOM recently posted a similar message on my blog and I was floored. It just means more coming from them, doesn’t it?

  • Ern

    Amanda B.–I may look like an “all-american farm girl,” as a friend used to call me. But I’m not as sweet as I look. :)

  • Tammy

    You look so gosh darned serious in that pic :)

  • LadyBug

    Amber, it’s not blonde. It’s light brown, but it’s super-light-reflective, which makes it look almost blonde sometimes. (Did that make sense?)

  • Amanda B.

    Oh no. I’m too late.

  • Ern

    Happy Self Portrait Day everyone!

    Nathan–would a dynamic photogallery be different from what mihow has set up?

  • Fish

    Manassas: the union lost the battle and won the war, which is what I was referring to. Sorry it wasn’t clear, but the real point was:

    ManassAs/ManassEs, get it? huh? Doncha? huh?

  • Girl.A

    te original vagina dentata reference was here:

    but it appears that was down tonight.

    here’s a cached version minus the pic:

    the text is more indepth than the article.

    funny the article uses the pic but doesn’t reference where they got it…

  • kristine

    I’m still waiting for more,

    *Everything I ever learned I learned from reading*

  • Circus Kelli

    Ladybug: I love the fact that some of your babies have blue eyes, and some brown eyes. Our babies are like that. One has very blue eyes, the other two have brown eyes.

  • Ern is back up. Thanks Girl.A.

  • Effie

    OK–I guess I should have hit the refresh button before I sent that post, I guess I was # 320 (crap)

  • Girl.A

    I thought it was hifuckinglarious.

  • Ern

    Wow…thanks Annejelynn…I think…very educational…

  • Circus Kelli

    Nathan: Tell me more about the dynamic photo gallery. I think it’s a good idea.