Samson, shorn

  • Banana

    ;.; There goes all that pretty hair into the garbage. How very sad. u.u

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I think they should glue all that hair onto a mesh circle and wear it around, you know for fun.

  • Relentless Christian Amber

    The last time I came to this site, it was just text and all the pretty stuff was gone. It was weird. Like I was in the Twilight Zone.

    That is one headful of hair in the sink. I think that is more hair than I have!

    Avey and Mrs. Strizzay, I also had a labor to birth that was less than 6 hours. It was just less than so.

    And fizzuck does that pitocin take the smile from your face and the talk from your chatter box. I wanted to smack every person that bothered to talk, sneeze, or look at me.

    Which brings me to a few things that I have done that probably nobody else on here has done.

    1. Cut a slice of DNA from a cell and replace it with some jellyfish DNA at the mere age of 13.
    2. Clone the same cell into a nice colony of bacteria.
    3. Actually enjoy taking my calculus final exam because I love math.

    I can’t really think of anything else…

    You guys crack me up.

  • vetmommy

    Oh no! For a minute I thought that was Leta’s hair. Some people shave babies’ heads with the thought it will grow in thicker. Hope to see more ponytail pics.

  • Manic

    I, too, have camped in SD mountains . . .

  • jordan

    1. Got my right leg stuck in a cattle gaurd, in the middle of nowhere, for over 2 hours.
    2. Stayed in a Beach Boys’ beach house on a private beach in Malibu.
    3. Refused to leave my house for over 3 months – on more than one occasion.
    4. Watched the movie House Arrest 6 times during one (fake) sick day in 7th grade.
    5. Wiped a naked dogs ass.

    Ok not so interesting, but I’m only 20. Ask me again 20 years from now.

  • Ex-hairdresser

    My sexy, normally short haired husband and I have been in two different countries for three months. He won’t let anyone touch his hair but me… I bet he looks like a yeti.

  • cathi

    jordan? naked dog’s ass? you removed her thong?

  • jordan

    cathi, I bought her that thong, I have the right to remove it whenever I like! She’s my bitch yo!

  • cathi


  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Cathi, she needed to get her sacs squeezed. What choice did he have?

  • eddo

    Oh, I think you took a picture of the wrong thing… we want to see the hair cut – NOT the cut hair… :)

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    eddo, she likes to tease us. Seriously. She derives pleasure from our pain. And thats why we like her.

  • jordan

    Hmm Mrs. Stirizzay, I could take offense to that because I’m a she … but I won’t :D And man, if she needed her sacs squeezed she’d be on her own.

  • cathi

    Strizz – the sac talk really needs to end. I just ate two cannoli, and they are tentatively staying down at the moment as it is.

  • cathi

    whoa jordan – sorry, I had you pegged wrong too after the thong comeback. lol

  • Mrs.Strizzay



    cannolis are squuiiiissssshhhhhy in the middle

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    If you barf I want proof.

    eddo, make me a template. please. and If I wasn;t marry you that whole marry me thing would have me convinced. That your a playa.

  • jordan

    hehe. that’s alright. when all i have is my name and sense of humor to represent me, I usually getted pegged wrong.

  • cathi

    jordan – the nose-picking picture is precious

  • jordan

    merci, that’s me.

  • cathi

    Strizz – that’s just mean. I’m not going to barf. I’m going to let it all settle and then have a drink. I wanted to have a drink with the cannoli, but then I went hog wild and ate it all and … ugh.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I wasnt being mean, come on. I would like a malibu and pineapple please, easy on the juice.

  • cathi




    cannolis are squuiiiissssshhhhhy in the middle

  • another deblurker

    My first post! OK, five things:

    1/ Killed my front tooth by falling off the second tier of a human pyramid. At my 29th birthday party.
    2/ Slept with a 23 year old (Irish-catholic) virgin. I was 27.
    3/ Won tickets to a Culture Club concert in a 5th grade colouring-in competition.
    4/ Never kept a secret, ever.
    5/ Sold myself on e-bay. Not really, but did try internet dating. And if anyone can give me a FIRST HAND account of this being the start of a great relationship, I’d like to hear it.

    Oh, and I also have a third nipple. I know that’s not part of the game, but I’m proud of it, dammit!

  • Holy Schmidt

    5 Things I’ve done that you probably haven’t:

    1. Went into labor and delivered my son in 2 hours and 45 minutes total.

    2. Turned down sex from Woody Harelson (sp?) when he was here doing work for a production company I worked for.

    3. Skipped all but 3 days of my junior year’s algebra classes, didn’t take any exams, and still passed the class with an 88.

    4. Got my belly button pierced 3 times only to learn that it wouldn’t heal. Bastard button!

    5. Live less than 1 mile from GEORGE!…

  • procrastinator

    Holy Schmidt – I sincerely doubt you are the only person to turn down sex from Woody Harrleson. He’s yucky!

  • Bellychaser

    1. Went from first contraction to baby in my arms in one hour and 20 minutes. With no drugs of any kind. (And no, i did not get off easy. Think of all the pain of an average 12 hour labour crammed into an hour and 20 min.)

    2. Delivered my 2nd child in a hospital emergency room in a curtained bed in a room occupied by at least a dozen other patients.

    3. Witnessed the birth of over 100 babies.

    4. Was present during a break in at my aunt’s house while babysitting on New Years Eve when I was 12 yrs old.

    5. Have been in a committed relationship with by now husband for 17 years. I’m 33.

  • greenthumb

    5 things eh?

    1. Found my true love on the internet via personal ads.
    2. Climbed Mount Adams in Washington State
    3. Had sex in the bathroom on an Amtrak Train
    4. Watched a desperate man jump from the Parking Grarage roof of my building (this image is burned into my memory)
    5. Held the hand of my partners mother as she lie dying from menengicocal. (I had nightmares for months after that)

    1. I wish I could give birth.
    2. I wish I had skipped school at least once.

    Thats about all I can come up with, it’s not the cheeriest, but it’s what has made me who I am in some ways.

  • another deblurker

    Congratulations Greenthumb on the internet personals thing! It sure didn’t work for me…

  • Dang Cold..

    1.Escorted Kurt Cobain out of a Toronto bar about 2 weeks after ‘Nevermind’ came out. He stumbled in VERY loaded with a hot dog that he bought from a street vendor after performing just down the street at a club. I didn’t know who he was at the time.

    2.Had sex in the shower of a University residence.

    3.Sat next to Geddy Lee at an NHL game

    4. Stopped a rape in progress by beating the shit out of the assailant.

    5. Played Puck in a high school rendition of ‘Midsummer nights dream’

  • greenthumb

    To be honest, I never thought it would either. But what a nice surprise it turned out to be.

    Did you meet someone eventually? Still looking?

  • cathi

    Dang – #4 – you rock. Did you castrate the motherfucker, too?

  • deblurker

    Still looking… but I’m still (kinda) young – 31 – so there’s plenty of time!

  • greenthumb

    Love suprises you in the most amazing ways. Hold on to it when you find it.

  • deblurker

    You’re right. Next time, I’m definately going to try (again), I haven’t given up hope yet :)

  • Dang Cold..

    cathi – no but he got it good. believe me.

  • Swoozy

    My first baby was delivered after less than 4 hours of labour… my second baby was delivered after less than two hours (more like an hour & fourty-five minutes) The nurses delivered him, the doctor arrived about five minutes later… and I am a woman who is less than five feet tall and I weigh (unpregnant) about 95 pounds!

    I don’t think I should have anymore kids though… I think the next would arrive before I knew I was in labour!

  • cathi

    Dang – you the man. Cheers!

    ::standing up straight next to Swoozy with my 5-foot self::

  • dane

    ONE thing I’ve done that you probably haven’t (not that I have a boring life, per se, but this one’s always a bit of a Springer-esque show-stopper for me):

    1. Shared a house with my then-girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend AND the man she’d left me for (my brother).

  • Susie

    dang! #4. I am not surprised. It can be almost impossible to really read people, I mean, intuit people’s spirits, via this medium, but even with the medium’s limitations, you come across as a guy who would do this.

    I have surely gone from the ridiculous to the sublime on here today (was even an old-ass Welsh popstar at one point!), but I think this is a good one on which to say g’night.
    ‘Night dang, you Knight, Dang.
    ‘Night, all.

  • E


  • E



  • Jess

    I’m only 18, so this is all I’ve got:
    1. 4.25 GPA with a C in A.P. Spanish Literature.
    2. When I was a sophomore in high school, I taught a senior how to read.
    3. Attended a university with 120 students total.
    4. Been hit on by a lesbian at least 20 years older than myself. (Where else but Hillcrest, San Diego.)
    5. Taken 7 years of Spanish.

    I’m such a geek… only one of mine involve anything relating to sex, and I’m not sure even that counts. My boyfriend and I were at the beach at night in his car and a parking attendent

  • kel-bel

    Not as thrilling as some, but here goes….

    1. Lost my first two teeth on the same day – both from the front of my mouth

    2. Saw MC Hammer in concert when he toured (ok I am probably not the only one, but am I the only one who will admit it?)IT’S HAMMER TIME!!

    3. Fell over in front of my entire school. TWICE.

    4. Fed one of my cousins mustard on a spoon and told him that it was peanut butter. oops.

    5. Blew a kiss to Eddie Vedder and he blew one back.

  • deblurker


    I’m not sure about sophomores and seniors, but when I was in the 8th grade (13 yrs old) I sat and read, and wrote the answers for, a 10th grade student during the school certificate. This is the first exam after which you could leave high school with a pass…

  • BannedFromBlurbomat

    I wonder if I was banned before or after my Paypal donation to Dooce?

  • Henrykm_

    school certificate…..NSW??

  • Henryk_

    Nice pics of the old Coat Hanger etc

  • ok not a blurker anymore


    Yep, NSW (southern highlands to be exact) so it was the school certificate. Not the HSC but I did hear (urban myth perhaps?) of a guy who graduated from Newington illiterate…