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File under: Not for kids, a continuing series in which my family realizes JUST HOW FAR GONE SHE IS

Yesterday was my brother’s 33rd birthday. I had forgotten how old he was and when I asked him about it last night and he told me I honestly couldn’t believe it. 33? He’s just a little baby! I have no grounds to say that, I know, but my husband and everyone I spend time with [...]

Enjoying (oh yeah)

HOTT STUFF COMING THROUGH. Apparently George wore these the last time he stayed over at our house. I don’t remember them — believe me, I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THEM — but Chuck found them so irresistible that he snuggled up to George’s butt all. night. long. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to?

Little baby Stevie

My friend, Kelly, had her third baby a few weeks ago. I honestly can’t remember Leta ever being this small and it’s only been a year.