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Said before partaking in the restorative effects of coffee

“I just want you to know my opinion about this.” “But I totally agree with you.” “Well, I just want you to know in uncertain terms.” “You mean you want me to know no uncertain terms?” “No, I want you to know certain terms in no uncertain terms.” “You want me to know in certain [...]

This website is surprisingly not sponsored by Pop Tarts

We’re trying to teach Leta to say, “Please,” and, “Thank you,” to replace her usual, “AHHHHH!” and, “GRRRRRR!” She has the THANK YOU part down really well. It sounds like DINK OOOO. But the PLEASE part, she’s not having any of that. We thought it would be a good idea to start with breakfast and [...]

Happy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, WOOF!

Employee needs improvement

There’s a new game in our house, it’s called Give Mama a Heart Attack. It started when I set her next to a wall of toys in the living room so that I could run and put away a basket of folded laundry three rooms away. As I was arranging her sock drawer I heard [...]


OKAY OKAY OKAY. You wanna see the goo and the cyst? YOU WANNA SEE IT? GO SEE IT. I warned you. Plus, you should also check out THIS SITE and see if you can stop clicking and clicking and then calling your husband at work and going OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS. [...]

Reflecting Pool, OF OZ

Meridians are good for licking

Also: Iconic religious structures are good for licking. There are many wonderful things for licking. Go see them, here.

Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood, in sculpture form, Temple Square, SLC, UT

Does this scare you? Yeah, me too. (that’s Joseph Smith, and the hand on his head is that of John the Baptist)

Lance Armstrong, The Conclusion

Almost two weeks ago after my doctor told me that I would need to take a week’s worth of antibiotics before she would cyst my lance I came home and slapped a bandaid over it hoping to shield it from the excruciating pain of the friction generated from it rubbing up against the back of [...]

Champ Rocking the Delicate Arch

Ever so slowly I’m gathering all the photos from the trip to the ‘Ab. They don’t really call Moab the ‘Ab but I think it’s about time. The world is ready. When we returned home yesterday evening Chuck was more happy to see me than Leta who looked at me like, “You left me three [...]