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It will come with a money back guarantee

I call dibs on the patent for a hair barrette that when touched by the child whose hair it is pulling back from the forehead SHOCKS the child’s hand and gives her a mild, cautionary concussion. This afternoon while refusing to take a second nap such a child jerked a barrette out of her hair [...]


There’s nothing so disarming as to show up a little worried to a predominantly Mormon play group with Mormon mothers and Mormon babies and be greeted by the hostess with, “Wassup, Ho Bag?”



Croc savvy!

In a few minutes I’m going to be interviewed by Kate Evans on Life Matters, a program on ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). I thought I’d post this illegal picture I took of Nicole Kidman, one of my favorite Australians, on Friday night while in the theater seeing “The Interpreter.” I’m guessing that I [...]

2nd South looking west

Through the looking glass

Nothing is cute the second time, or the 400th for that matter

The first time Leta began sneaking food to Chuck we thought life couldn’t possibly get any cuter. In fact, the first time Leta did many things we thought things were pretty cute, but then she continued to do these things and we quickly realized that what may seem cute the first time can and usually [...]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Yet another entry this week that speaks of the penis

A few nights ago I got a rather late, frantic phone call from my Favorite Mormon friend (I call her my Favorite Mormon Friend because she is my Favorite Mormon ever, and she calls me her Favorite An-Mormon because I’m not so bad that I’m completely Anti, just a little An, do you see why [...]