Two very cute and very worth it Tax Deductions

  • fyds

    woman lover, how the hell would you know?

  • Nilbo

    Yeah, I think the slap on the wrist and $100 fine he’s likely to get from the justice system will seem like nothing compared to the pain in the ass of having to change his phone number and mailing address when 50,000 people from the Internet are holding on line 1.

  • squirll

    squirll here. i was the #2 misspelled rodent to the comments. i give squirl credit for being first. I’m also salery, but i have to break down all my time to projects. landscape architecture isnt always that much fun as it sounds…..

  • Ronda Virant

    Looks like Chuck loves the camera like my dog does!

  • Strizznizzey

    OMG Sandra, get over it

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Depends on the crotch, Bucky. I’m sure your crotch would bring a smile to just about anyone, but what about a nasty crotch? Like, say, a crotch with crabs? Or a crotch with an A1 bottle permanently stuck in it? Oops, A1 is for the back door only.

  • hungry

    very cool.

  • ishouldbeworking

    woops, didn’t realize i posted #258…must’ve happened when i actually had to work for a minute.

  • Squirl

    Squirll, thanks for giving me credit for being first. I hate to say how long it’s been, but Squirl’s been my nickname for 25 years. I actually put a post on my blog about why.

  • patreesha rocks

    Look at the hair on that muffin!

  • Nilbo

    Speaking of jerkwads who found themselves laid open on the Internet … I wonder if there was ever an end to the Matt Jackson story …?

  • squirll

    i’ve had it as a nickname for about 10 yrs now…mostly cause i can’t spell.

  • lindsay

    cute x 2!

  • Spurious Plum

    Off for some tasty lunch. I won’t eat kittens, I promise.

    Later, lovely Doocelicious folks.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    I still think, though, that a nasty crotch will still make _someone_ smile. Let’s face it – a sweet, clean crotch is a luxury that many of us take for granted. But in third-world countries, and many depressed areas of our own country, there are people who would light up like the 4th of July if some blistered, oozing, odiferous crotch presented itself.

    And here’s where Sally Struthers makes her pitch for World Douch Organization.

  • Thijs

    Apparently Leta is more interested in what’s up on the table (counter?)…
    Food maybe? ;)

  • naralius

    but is that really his phone and address????

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Or, you know, “douche” if you’re uppity about correct spellin’ and all.

    You clean-crotch-spoiled people.

  • Kirsty

    it is almost like he is looking into the camera thinking .oO(remember when _I_ got all of the attention)

  • Strizznizzey

    What about Matt Damon?

  • Squirl

    Squirl, my name was just given to me. Sounds like your story is closer to the Dooce story.

    Bucky – GROSS

  • stacey

    oh lord she is going to swallow that sippy-cup-thing whole.

    …chuck wants a pop-tart.

  • Nilbo

    I just finished lunch. I ate a plum. Really. Deelish.

  • Squirl

    I meant Squirll, now I can’t spell

  • Liv

    So cute! Leta’s hair looks adorable like that!

  • Strizznizzey

    can we get HIS number and address?

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Bucky, I almost pissed myself reading about odiferous crotches. You are right – even fetid crotches will find someone who loves them. As for crotchety, I always think of an old person when I hear that word. Maybe something very bad happens to old people’s crotches when they get past a certain age. Could this be where the word comes from?

  • Michelle Brady

    Chuck’s expressions always seem so soft since Leta was born. They are both gorgeous, and I always love it when you put up photos featuring them together.


    I had Matt Damon. He wasn’t all that.

  • Susie

    Bucky, you are a beautiful person, standing up for the dignity, the value, the worthiness of nasty crotches. You are a true humanitarian (sniff)…

  • Margaret in Germany

    Chuck looks like he is waiting for the first dribble to hit the ground, so he can ‘clean up’.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Come on, Striz. I know you love kitties! Join in on the fun of harrassing Mr. Kitty Killer guy. I know you are as vindictive as the rest of us! ;-)

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    This not spelling, it’s a family trate.

  • karen(Singapore)

    i love dooce! and never fail to update everyday! i love chuck and leta too!

  • bethy-mae

    While I find his actions awful and cruel, I’m not calling or sending him any hateful letters. There are definitely worse people in the world.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Don’t sniff too hard, Susie.

  • Leila

    yah! Leta & Chuck!

  • mighty!

    new definition for dooce v.

    the act of talking about anal sex, taxes, babies and dogs in one breath.

  • JessicaRabbit

    Man, as much as I would love to hang around talking about crotch all day, and really I could talk about crotch alllllll day long, I have two Princesses who are waiting for me so I must be off.

    Bucky, fight the good fight baby, if anyone could organize clean crotches of the world it would have to be CuntwayTitty. Crotches United are a National Treasure. C.U.N.T.

    Peace out.

  • Ms-Chievous

    Tax day is upon us.
    6 ex-mormon deductions here.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Naralius, that is his phone number and address. I read the article and it said he lives on the 800 block of Englesville Road. And there are only Henry Stetlers in PA according to, and the one has an address on Englesville. That has to be his address.

  • Susie

    katiebbaw, you’ll need to ask Nilbo about that — crotch changes due to aging

    squirl, I’m afraid I exhausted my “professional courtesy discount therapy hours” years ago…

  • spoonleg

    I think I will follow every sentence throughout the day with, “Dooce is into anal sex.”

    “I’d like an extra-long cheese coney with fries. Dooce is into anal sex.”

    “Good morning, Sam. Dooce is into anal sex.”

    “Pass the salt, please. Dooce is into anal sex.”

    Most random FIRST! comment ever. Happy Chuck and Leta Friday, guys!

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    I meant there are only two Henry Stetlers.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Jess – Cuntway Titty was unavailable for the fund raiser, bein’ dead and all, but I was able to scare up Syph Phyllis and the Pus Train for entertainment.

    Happy Princessing! Better you than me!

  • http://http:/ kEma

    Oh my God, they are so scrumptiously sweet….

  • naralius

    Im wrighting that hatefull letter right know.. i will print a cute kitten pic. jua jua jua.. this is fun!!!!

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Does Nilbo already have to wear Depends and Oops I Crapped My Pants?

  • JessicaRabbit

    Aren’t all the really good ones into anal sex?

    Or have I been doing it all these years for nothing….

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work