2nd South looking west

  • http://www.iprettymuchhateeverything.blogspot.com Torrie

    SFG, Jessica,and Lawbrat I would totally party with you ladies.

    I’ve been trying to respond to your comments on my blog, but Blogger is sucking, as usual.

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    Wow, Torrie, that’s quite a party. I can’t officially endorse such a thing, of course.


    I have a crush on Flanella Jo Washington.
    She reminds me of someone. But I wouldn’t really crush her.

  • http://www.iprettymuchhateeverything.blogspot.com Torrie

    Pokey, must you brake my heart and flirt with other women?


    Torrie, it could be you and me and Flanella Jo. Her hair is so pretty.

  • http://www.iprettymuchhateeverything.blogspot.com Torrie

    I do believe Flanella made my night.


    Seeee? Oh, goody, goody. You could love her too, right, Torrie? She’s special.

  • http://www.julienet.atfreeweb.com/retreat/ juli

    I just got back from vacation at my mom’s place in Arizona. I took lots of pictures of clouds. Some of them even looked like yours.


    Goodnight, Flanella Jo. I hope you’ll come here again.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    What is going on peoples?? Anything good?

  • RazDreams

    susie (#187): had i said something wrong? :(

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    No, Raz, not at all. Just a lot of “worlds colliding” today. mrtl and I had just been discussing the topic via email, and then I came in here and saw the comments. It was a little surreal. You did nothing wrong at all:)
    G’night. (I can’t believe I popped in here just then. Still surreal…)

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com kristine


  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    To clarify, “the topic” meaning mrtl’s missing comment.

  • Christi


  • http://dangcold.blogspot.com Dang Cold..

    Night Susie…

  • Steve

    puuuurty, and very cool actually.

  • nellie

    Ah, the good ol’ Crane building. So many illegal parties…

  • Karin

    I am first! In the whole world!

  • http://sh1ft.org tracey

    Oooh Heather goes Aussie Radio on us .. awesome to hear you today, especially being from Down Under. It’s like birthday present for me too (for tommorrow). Great interview :)

    Hooray for sunsets and radio!

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com kristine

    whoa…where is everyone?

  • http://63days.com Alli

    I was just interviewed for Aussie radio too. Weird, seriously. Mine is for a deal about bloggers as well, for About.com. Trippy shit.

    Ps, Heather looks like the nun who scrambles about with Bill Pullman on Revelations. Thats hot.

  • Holly

    Oh happy day, the comments ARE on! I thought I’d been left hanging. This looks like one on Jon’s site — I recognize the “downtown” bit of the writing.

  • http://www.morepearlsthanwhine.blogspot.com lindie

    i agree with renee … i had the same thought … thumbnail looks like a scrabble piece … and then i stopped reading … so many comments must get to be a bit time consuming

  • marie

    interesting looking sky!!

  • Katie

    pretty sky. looks like the gloaming.

  • Becs

    Wow, being in top ten will make this lurker come out. Love the site!

  • http://jaycee.typepad.com/semantics/ jen

    Just heard you on ABC radio. Good for you, and they had the question you expected regarding writing about Leta. If anyone missed it, the interview is available for download from ABC website http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/lm/

  • Karen

    Top 10?

  • http://dooce.migrantroo.com/viewtopic.php?t=40 minxlj

    Hi everyone…just a lil’ reminder. Anyone interested in the ‘Present for Dooce’ project, please see my post on the unofficial Dooce Forum:
    or email me if you’re interested.
    Thanks! :-)

  • http://spaces.msn.com/members/yayagirlcanada/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c11_BlogPart_blogpart=myspace&_c=BlogPart&_c02_owner=1 Andrea in Canada

    very nice shot.

    so glad comments are back! going to go catch up and read yesterday’s!

  • Henryk_

    Aha……….managed to break in!

  • mari

    Very atmospheric. I like it!

  • http://deann.blogspot.com DeAnn

    I don’t know how you manage it, Heather, but you always make me laugh and then cry. Or then cry and then laugh.

    Anyway, you have given me a new perspective, which is the one of there being actual good that can come from Wal-Mart!

  • haley

    woo hoo! top 10?? i’m actually home today, sick kid. but look whati get to do!

  • http://www.twistedlifeofmine.blogspot.com southern fried girl

    Interesting perspective on that shot. Good morning everyone.

  • mrs b

    that sky is amazing. dooce, you rock :)

  • smee

    very nice composition. not to mention, pretty pretty pretty!
    (or pretty pretty, pretty.”

  • Annabelle

    Good morning.

    Rise and Shine.

    I have a hangover.

  • http://spaces.msn.com/members/yayagirlcanada/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c01_blogpart=myspace&_c02_owner=1&_c=blogpart Andrea in Canada

    wow…under 100? not me! ;)

  • Smark!

    Skies that like that make me want to move west.

  • http://misskimberley.blogspot.com Miss Kimberley

    Ditto the hangover. Nice pic.

  • http://ladybug4791.tripod.com/ladybug/ LadyBug

    I can’t decide if that pic looks like a forboding sunset or a promising sunrise.

    Although, I guess if it’s looking west, it must be sunset?

    Agh. I am so _geographically challenged._

  • http://groups-beta.google.com/group/dooce RazDreams

    yellow and blue make green – it’s _easy_! (purty sky.)

  • Renee

    the NE in the the thumbnail makes me think of scrabble pieces

  • http://groups-beta.google.com/group/dooce RazDreams

    looks like you can store yourself in that there facility (*self storage*). you know, in case you have nowhere else to store yourself…

  • http://motivemayhem.blogspot.com Bronson Palomino

    lovin’ the pics, heather. the composition, the colors, the ideas, the emotions expressed… they’re all just so captivating.

    oh yeah, dig the blog too.

  • http://www.jeffwells.com Shannon

    I want to know what type of lotion it is! I have a 7 month old baby girl and I want her to smell as good as Leta!

  • http://groups-beta.google.com/group/dooce RazDreams

    oh, and p.s. i wish i had booty flies like heather.

    that is all. _for now_

  • Jennifer

    Nice photo. Frequent lurker here. I love your site dooce. It gives me a window into what I hope my relationship with my future child will be.