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Millions of women across America have seen MILLIONS of years erased, MILLIONS, MILLIONS!

My mother turns 60-years-old today. As you know she’s pretty gifted with the selling of The Avon which means she herself is a walking representation of Avon and if she’s any indication THEY SO MEAN IT when the bottle says “takes years right off your face.” I can pretty much guarantee that any visible wrinkles [...]

Remnants of chocolate pop tart

I think she remembers how many I ate when she was in my tummy

Just now at brunch I gave Leta my pickle spear to nibble on so that I could shove a entire burger into my mouth before having to transition into Operation: Protect Other Patrons from Flying Foodstuffs. Much to our amazment she ate the entire pickle spear. The whole thing. All of it. And then she [...]

More blooms

He loves her, he really does

This one, taken by Jon.

Mancunian Candidate

I just got an email from my husband that read: “Read the very last line. [link to article online] I love you. I want to be home watching Leta while you nap.” Let me address the beginning line of this email first because it has a lot to do with the rest of what I [...]

How to Annoy Me

Destroy the pile of clothing that I have just folded, ripping and jerking and TOSSING SOCKS ACROSS THE ROOM with such exasperation you’d think that you had ANYTHING to be exasperated about. I’m folding YOUR goddamn socks. BOW BEFORE ME.

Stepping stone

Vigorous, bold, unforgettable

I’ve been having high school nightmares again. I thought they would go away when I went to my high school reunion and realized that IT NEVER MATTERED, but I still have these recurring dreams that I have to go back and redo my senior year. The other night I had a dream that they were [...]