Sake haze

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    No, I didn’t. I saw you asked me that on my blog, and I was wondering what the anonymous poster wrote?

  • LeafGirl77

    yeah, that’s what I figgered. i had just heard that Torrie had a hard time seeing her own blog sometimes so I was hoping that was it.

    oh well. guess i had better figure this stuff out!

  • southern fried girl

    OK, I offically have no fuckin clue who that is now. Very strange. I wonder if it is someone who knows me in person and found my blog. Um, that would be bad because I write a lot of shit on there. Hmmmmm…..

  • LeafGirl77

    By the way, thanks LadyBug

  • southern fried girl

    Muffy, you are cracking me up!! You know we will so be tuning in via the net to watch the wedding. :)

  • Torrie

    *News Flash*

    This just in….


    We now return to your regularly scheduled programing.

  • Torrie

    I am an ordained minister.
    No shit.

  • LadyBug

    You’re welcom, LeafGirl.

    Hope you get things figured out.

    I’d offer some advice, but I don’t use Blogger. Sorry.

  • Em

    That’s a pretty haze, indeed.

  • LeafGirl77

    I hate to be a nerd and repost this, but:

    Can anyone see my link? I’m trying to set up a blog and clearly I am NOT up to the task.

    Any suggestions from the gurus?

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Torrie, you too? I think that’s where mine is from, too.

    Yes, I was drunk when ordained. Isn’t that a requirement?

  • Nilbo

    So … this is actually a form of shoulder therapy … I’m in favour of that. Wonder if it’ll work for my carpal tunnel. No, wait .. that’s how I GOT the damn carpal tunnel …

  • Jennifer in Ohio

    What on God’s green earth were you doing up so freaking early?

  • Torrie

    I hardly ever drink, but boy when I do…

    Saturday night was one of those times.

    I was flashing everyone.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Nilbo, yes, that’s the working name for my church. It was either gonna be that or Ye Old Holy Moley HollaHouse.

    Let me know what you guys think. And whether I should collect tithings in cash or if I should also accept checks, plastic, and slightly worn undergarments.

  • Anonomite

    Hey, you guys can post all you want and I’m aware that donations have been made, but some days there are actual conversations on here and one can share his/her opinion. Other days- see aforementioned worst offenders (and Katie you weren’t included because you’re more than happy to have an actual conversation) it just feels like I’ve stepped into one big inside joke and it’s really annoying- there’s some kind of meta vibe on here and you can’t get in unless you read for two hours to figure out what the hell it all means.

    But otherwise, you’re all udderly fabulous.

  • Muffy

    Katie, I gotta set up a flickr account. I’ve been super busy though. I still have to pack, pick up the dress, yada yada yada. Please though, doocelings, join us in our nuptials!
    Check out, May 18, 1:30 Pacific, MAIN CHAPEL! Live as it happens!
    My bailiff is giving me away, dontcha know?

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    And there you have it, straight from the Rabbit’s mouth.

    Er, keyboard.

  • Alex

    top hundred!


    beautiful picture. quite enjoy the light.

  • JessicaRabbit

    Bucky, I did leave, but I just snuck back for a quick peek while my hair is drying.

    Torrie, you have no idea how hard I had to scrub my boobs to get your name off of them. Plus that magic marker on my titties got me alittle high I think. I really shouldnt sniff my own hoots maybe…

  • August95

    Sake Haze, I’m feeling it.

  • Anonomite

    See what I mean, Devolution Baby.

    This is about to turn into porn central and i bet comments will be off tomorrow.

  • Nilbo

    Bucky … you’re ordained? What’s the church … Our Lady of Perpetual Horniness?

  • Torrie

    Hey, here’s a new topic.


  • Torrie

    Spoonleg(#56), you obviously haven’t been in the right parking lots.

  • Nilbo

    Man … how does Torrie get any work done in the run of a day?

  • La Pix

    Hi Buck.
    Ok to call you Buck now? Miss Prurient Home Companion?

    Your voice is replaying in my mind from time to time. I think the people on the train thought I was loopy. Spelling to myself Katy K-A-T-Y

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Perhaps it _is_ time to bring the conversation ’round to a more cultured tone.

    Torrie’s got McCartney tix,
    People think I have a dick.
    Jess posts pictures of her tits,
    Regis has conniption fits.
    Swing your udders round and round
    But never let ‘em scrape the ground.

    Thank you.

  • zchamu

    Beagles!! Here’s some advice for your sister:

    Poop – continuous
    Energy – boundless
    Attention span – none
    Cap’n Crunch – yes please.

  • Torrie

    Nilbo, I don’t.

    I had surgery on my shoulder and I can’t work.

    Bucky, beautiful.

  • Cristin

    HEY YOU GUYS!!!!

    hi everyone, been away, missed you all so much!

    Beautiful shot Heather! thanks.
    needed a smile today

  • LadyBug

    Bravo, Bucky! I fling my virtual bra in your general direction!

  • Meredith

    What’s so bad about the Cap’n?

  • Nilbo

    The Poet Laureate of Dooce …

  • LadyBug

    Hi Cristin! Good to “see” you again!

    Did you finally get your computer fixed?

  • JessicaRabbit

    Well now that I have personally dumbed down the room and boobed it all up, I think Ill go shower and get get my neck popped.

    Smiles everyone, smiles.

  • Andrea in Canada

    reminds me of a scene from a crime drama show of some kind…cool photo!

    saw the bookmobile the other day, thought of Heather and Jon of course!

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Geez, Torrie, I used to have the nickname Katy Masturbaty, but I think you got the crown now.

  • Nilbo

    See? Knew you had a cannon. It was the voice that gave you away.

  • Anon


    Can I lend a hand…

  • La Pix

    Dooce, again with the warm/cool temperature contrasts. I like it – it almost evokes a mood or memory.

    It’s so easy to just turn the camera toward the sunset, but it’s not the whole story is it?

    P.S. I love sake. It’s an energetic high compared to beer or wine. But my friends say I crack too many jokes when I drink sake. Oh well!

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Seeya, Jess (I mean, really, WE SEE YOU)! Have a good neck poppin’, and hopefully no pervy guy calls about the package today.

  • Muffy

    OMG! I believe I had a case of Munschausens Syndrome by blog on friday.
    I’m reading Katie’s blog about her kidney stones.
    About an hour later, I get this horrible pain in my lower abdomen and back. I’m thinking I HAVE a kidneystone!
    Now I think I was just ovulating. Which comes in really handy. Nothing like knowing you’re gonna get your rag on your wedding day.

  • Torrie

    Um, is it HOT in here?

  • jules

    my tummy’s grumblin


  • Torrie


    OH. MY. GOD.

    I am the luckiest girl on the internet.

    Um, yeah, I’ll be right back.

    I have to go, um, do something.

  • spoonleg

    parking lots are not phallic.

  • JessicaRabbit

    Torrie, something is posted for you.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Nilbo, you could see a brick wall and find nipples there.

    You need savin’, son, plain and simple. Did I ever mention I’m an ordained minister?

  • The Muff

    Poop inside is no joke. Ask Heather. “This town needs an enema”.
    Now I have to go home and pull out my Batman soundtrack and play Partyman, over and over.