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I’m surrounded by the enemy

Yesterday Leta took her first assisted steps. Wonderful news, and what would have been even better? IF I HAD BEEN THERE TO WITNESS IT. I stay at home to take care of this kid, drive her back and forth from physical therapy, feed her, dress her, WIPE HER STINKY BOTTOM, and she goes and walks [...]

The Former Congressman, reserving his right to filibuster

The $450 Pocket of Gas

Friday afternoon after putting Leta to bed for her nap I headed to the futon in the basement to see if I could catch a few minutes of sleep as well. Whenever I take a nap during the day Chuck always crawls out of the corner of the house he’s curled up in and lies [...]

15 Rounds

We have now entered The Phase of Life where changing Leta’s diaper is exactly like mud-wrestling a badger: dangerous, messy, and generally unsuccessful.

Miraculously Jon didn’t kill the rose bush last fall

Hottest spot in the yard? CHECK!

Hobo. Baby.

Just now I tried to give Leta a bite of my daily lunch oatmeal except when she went to open her mouth it was so full of crushed goldfish and raisins that the spoon wouldn’t fit. “Swallow what’s already in there,” I told her. Instead she reached her right hand into her mouth and clawed [...]

Presents from Leta’s Pseudo Internet Godmother

Second on that list would be “rub Mama’s feet”

I met my friend at Danger Park yesterday morning so that we could help each other keep our children awake until an acceptable nap time. Leta has a nasty tendency to take a small cat nap in the morning and then refuse to nap for the rest of the day. SO I FORCE HER TO [...]

How to Charm Me

Leave a message on our voice mail that says, “If you are watching this Britney stuff, she looks Charlize Theron in the “MAAAAAAHHHHNNNNSSSSTERRRRRRR!”