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I just renewed the registration for the truck online and got this message: Congratulations! You have successfully renewed your registration with Renewal Express! The letters were rendered in huge, black bold print. I really get the feeling that the Utah government is proud of me, I mean, look at those exclamation points. No small feat [...]

Oh, how the innocent have fallen

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and this is how I’m celebrating

Leta has taken a naked swan dive into her terrible twos. There should be laws against this, against a child who is six months away from the age of two acting so terribly two just like there are laws against anyone who is under the age of 21 pretending they are 21 so that they [...]

He’s finally home

The devil wears Prada

Already Leta has become a clothes snob. Yesterday morning while I was on the phone with her father who was sitting in a hotel room in rural Kentucky over 2000 miles away, the heavenly miracle of our child’s healthy lungs allowed him to witness her frustration with a pink shirt she has worn at least [...]

Former Congressman, undercover

Bese mi culo

Last night over dinner I asked my babysitter if she was learning any Spanish. She said, yeah, a bit, but not that much since she only hears it around her boyfriend’s family. I told her I knew how to say “thanks” and count to ten, but that the only real phrase I knew was “kiss [...]

In case you hadn’t seen this yet

You have to love a man with this level of Photoshop skills, and a woman whose tongue can do that.

Sydney, last week during a delicious Red Iguana dinner, notice the beautiful wedding band, there’s quite a story behind that one

I remember the smell of Kimchi in the morning

I had my babysitter stay for dinner tonight so that I could engage in adult conversation other than that of my psychiatrist who all of a sudden wants to change my medication. He said, “You’ll know when you’ve hit the right dose of this new stuff.” I said, “Oh, really?” He answered, “Yeah, like, if [...]