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If only there were a category for Sappiest Weblog Entry of the Year

One of the most terrifying moments of my life was walking into our bedroom the afternoon we came home from the hospital, two days after giving birth to Leta. I was stitched up to my chin, but the physical pain paled in comparison to the shocking realization that I was now The Mother, that there [...]

Beer hickey

This is our bud, Shan, who blushes everytime he drinks a sip or two of a beer. That is just too cute. His birthday was yesterday and I forgot to wish him HAPPY NUMBER 30! We love you, Shan. Can’t wait for the wedding. (Note: I am going to open up comments, but here are [...]

How to Charm Me

In the middle of a compellingly dramatic story that I’m telling you over the phone interrupt me by saying, “SHIT! My son peed on the floor and I just stepped in it.” I can’t think of a better excuse to interrupt someone.

The beginning of the end of her little Buddha belly

Over the weekend while Jon was letting me catch an extra hour of sleep he taught Leta how to sit up from a prone position. She was on the verge of this next step in mobility, and I could hear Jon in the living room cheering her on, his voice getting higher and higher with [...]

You turn it like THIS to focus, dude

Jon showing our friend Shan (Sydney’s fiancé) how to work the Nikon D70 at dinner Friday night. I think I know what Shan is getting as a wedding present! SHHHHHH!

Once this guy tried to pick me up with, “Hey, I’m from Hoboken. Where you from?”

It’s that time of year again in Utah, time for the Sundance Film Festival and for all your friends who got the hell outta here to return to the Holy Land and party with you again. Tis this number one excuse to return to Utah, I tell you, right behind snowboarding and all the great [...]

And then there’s lots of work to be done

Sometimes our TiVo captures old episodes of “Saturday Night Live” and we’ll always check out who was the musical guest and fast forward to the good parts. Last week TiVo recorded an episode of SNL with a leather-pants clad Eddy Grant as the musical guest, and after a few reggae chords he ripped into, “Electric [...]

Family portrait

Thank you, Emily, for putting down the puppies long enough to take this photo.


Happy Birthday, GEORGE! When he was little he used to call me Amber because he couldn’t say Heather. SEE IF YOUR HEART CAN WITHSTAND THAT.

On the way to Grandma’s

In the middle of an elaborate chicken enchilada dinner that she made from scratch and shared with us, Jon’s mother looked at Chuck who was lying on the floor beneath her feet and said, “That dog has the stangest looking pee-pee I ever did see.”