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December 2005

Janurary 30, 1985

Dear Diary, Today my brother got his way. He did not do anything for me. He’s SPOILED! He hates Michael Jackson but likes a nasty person named Prince. Prince is gay, stupid, evil, and a sex pervert. He’s ugly, too. My brother is a geek. He acts like he is two years old. He passes [...]


Derek Powazek: The Subliminal Reassurances of Procedural Dramas “Law and Order – Don’t worry, if you’re shot and killed in New York, old, grumpy, alcoholic detectives will stand over you drinking coffee and they’ll make at least one pun. After a half hour, your killer will be handed over to an old, grumpy, alcoholic district [...]

This is my brother, Ranger, and he has no hair

Thank you, Jon, for taking these photos and capturing this warm moment between siblings.