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Giving thanks

Because I love to play the organ

Every episode of “Sesame Street” features a segment where the Count Von Count reveals the number of the day by playing an ascending series of notes on the organ. On very special episodes the Count is joined by the Countess who howls, “STOP!” when the Count sings the number. This is quickly becoming my favorite [...]

I had no idea there were so many patriotic cats in the world

Country house

Included batteries not

While at my mother’s cabin this weekend I watched Leta as Jon helped my step-father assemble ceiling fans and hang coat racks. They spoke a curious handyman language that sounded a bit like someone mumbling Japanese under water while my mother ran around like a wombat shouting, “Put this here! Now! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING [...]

The third law

After Leta threw a volcanic fit over the fact that she couldn’t get a stack of Cinderella Princess playing cards arranged exactly as they had come out of the box I casually asked her if she wanted to go night-night. She had at least another hour before her scheduled nap time, but I figured that [...]

Doing Shane in the afternoon

Vacation home

We were originally going to drive up this morning and help my mother unload furniture into her recently finished cabin in Duchesne, Capitol of Nowhere. A couple days ago, however, my mother called and said that my sister’s husband, Steve, was going to help take care of everything by driving up with them in their [...]


12 Months of Chuckles

Jon and I are thrilled to unveil our latest collaborative project, a 12 month 2006 calendar featuring our favorite photos of the Former Congressman Chuckles on sale now. We wanted it to be ready for the new year and only realized a few days ago that it was November — when you’re with your spouse [...]