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January 2006

Self-absorbed exhibitionist

It’s a little late in the month to be announcing this, but there’s a full-page picture of me and Chuck in the January issue of Glamour magazine out now (I suppose it will still be on stands for a few more days). It’s the issue with Salma Hayek and her fantastic bosoms on the cover, [...]

In our natural environment

Leta got far more excited about the Avon World Sales Leader than she ever did about Santa

Not only does Duchesne have a bowling alley, but they done got rocks!

Fun times with the Fecal Family Players

We’re spending a few days at my mother’s cabin in rural Utah with portions of my extended family including my Granny Boone: That’s a hickey under her left eye. Turns out SHE’S STILL GOT IT. Granny is very religious and often speaks directly to God. It’s true. Granny is so religious that she is incapable [...]

Winter in Duchesne, UT (not much different than any other season in Duchesne)

Leta with her loot

After being forced to sit in Santa’s lap Leta suddenly turned violent and severed his head with her mouth

A War on Dignity

Thanks to Chuck’s Endless Love, Emily, for the jaunty hat.