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And to think, there’s SO much I don’t write about

While preparing Leta for bed the other night Jon reached into my closet which is in her room (did you know that families circa 1926 only needed two closets? PER HOUSE?) and he pulled out one of my old nursing bras. “Wow,” he stammered. “Remember this?” “Oh. My. God. Why do you have that in [...]

Go West, young man

Perhaps the only thing I remember from AP Biology

Yesterday when Leta woke up from the sedative we were a little worried that she’d refuse any liquids because whenever she drinks water she swishes it around in her mouth and then lets it dribble out on her shirt. The nurse suggested that we try this bottle of glucose water. Jon asked, “Is it sweet? [...]

And behold, Jon and Heather begat Leta, and yea, she was very stubborn

Yesterday was particularly difficult if only because Leta did not want to go easily. Her sedative had to be delivered intravenously and I thought she might actually punch the nurse who was trying to find a viable vein. I cried, she wailed. Jon had to hold her tightly so that the building wouldn’t collapse under [...]

Bring it on, Spring

MRI am Freaking Out, Part Two

This morning we’re taking Leta in for an MRI on her spinal cord. Although we’ve been through this before I’m still a bit anxious. We’re sending her back into the Wonkanator. She’s in remarkably good spirits this morning even though she hasn’t had anything to eat in over 12 hours and won’t be able to [...]

Behind the curtain

Little Sisters

In the last week Leta has discovered with much delight that an animal worth torturing lives in our house. Before last week he was just a living vacuum to her, always at her side to clean up any food she dropped. In fact, whenever I put her into her highchair for a meal she’ll hear [...]

On the ride home Jon asked if I was going to write about this and I was all, how could I not?

While clearing off the table after Easter dinner with my family Aunt Lola suddenly stopped halfway to the sink. “My worst nightmare,” she announced, “it DONE COME TRUE!” There was a lot of commotion in the room, twins with eerily real-looking toy guns running around the room shooting at the walls, my seven-year-old nephew prancing [...]

Sister in Zion