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When I was setting the category for this entry I was absentmindedly looking for the “nudity” category and suddenly realized, THA

According to my sources — that makes it sound as if I work for the Pentagon, ha, “This job sucks! It’s so much harder than you can imagine!” — the “Good Morning America” piece airs this weekend, most likely Saturday morning. If you’re interested check your local listings for air time. Here it airs at [...]


Making his way the only way he knows how

By my calculations I have only 28 more hours until my sister and her family return from playing Mormon Pioneers in Wyoming to rescue me from this: Don’t let that picture deceive you. He is one little shit. I used to lament the fact that Chuck acts more like a cat than a dog, but [...]

Off to see the wizard

He can’t handle the truth

Yesterday a friend left a message on the phone reminding me to take my vitamins. I called her back and left her a message that yes, indeed, I had taken my daily multi-vitamin, and not just because it cures cancer. I once heard an expert say that although Salma Hayek doesn’t ever exercise she does [...]

“No, I will not open that bag of cotton balls for you.”

With a moo moo here

Saturday afternoon Jon and I took Leta to the grocery store to grab a couple items missing from our usual breakfast line-up: milk, orange juice, clove cigarettes. I usually do all the shopping during the week, but I thought I’d share the love and let Jon join in the Leta Shopping Experience, not that he [...]


The baby, she likes bacon. Our work here is done.

Say what?

Eavesdropping, not keeping it to myself, sharing it with the Internet, will feel bad about it later just not right now

I’m sitting at a coffee shop that has free wireless Internet access because our wireless router at home is, suddenly, incompatible with my laptop. I was trying to hold my shit together this morning when I had a Prozac flashback to last summer. Objects were thrown. Other people dodged those objects. (I’m obviously not taking [...]