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You gonna eat all that food?

(this one taken by Jon)

Lead singer of the Knuckleheads

There once was this band called The Lemonheads and they had a lead singer named Evan Dando and when I was in college I had a huge crush on Evan Dando. (Please forgive me for taking this pause right now, I’m trying to catch my breath having just chased a Beagle a quarter-mile on black [...]

SLC is no LBC

On the verge of the dead yet part

Jon leaves this afternoon for a roadtrip that begins in Cleveland and ends at the gates of Graceland in Memphis, a trip with two of his childhood friends who also turn 40 this year. I think it’s just an excuse to spend six uninterrupted days discussing Star Wars without any disparaging looks from the wives [...]

Captain Micro-climate

Chuck guarding his ride


In the fall of 1996 I spent several months in London on a study abroad program offered by BYU. I had just turned 21 and I count the months I spent in England as some of the most glorious months of my life. I often have dreams about the Victorian dorms we stayed in near [...]

Tower Bridge, London, September 1996

Homemakers of the world

This morning a group of mothers in the neighborhood drove up to the park with all the sand. I usually go to the park with all the boulders from which to fling one’s small, breakable body because mine doesn’t yet know how to climb those boulders, and the sand, well, mine doesn’t yet know that [...]

Draper Park