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February 2006

Nu Shoos

Last week we bought Leta a new pair of shoes: When I look at that photo even I start to suffer from the delusion that it would be a good idea to bring another one of these cranky bundles into the world so that our entire lives can revolve around the sleep schedule of a [...]


From “A Softer World” by Emily and Joey: The guy at the store said this plant had spores… The trick to pet names… I woke shaking… When my mother died… We bet him… From “The Daily Mumps” by Dave Thomas: Always keep the receipt They have no souls Tough love Save the veals Don’t look [...]

When the dog has access to the toys in the bathtub

My audition tape for “Hee Haw”

Jon and I were playing around with his laptop tonight and he recorded me asking “whether or not his computer was connected to the wireless router,” the English translation for what I actually said (which you can listen to here). I know what you’re thinking, because after listening to it myself even I am wondering [...]

Only thing missing from this vacation is Chevy Chase

Jon and I are headed to Amsterdam in less than two weeks. This has nothing to do with why we were consulting with a lawyer, but it is one part of our excitement nonetheless. We’re part of a group of bloggers who are being flown over and put up for five nights in exchange for [...]

Chucka Khan

In the criminal justice system

This morning I got an email in my inbox that said this: “I know what you’re doing with the lawyers. You’re changing Leta’s name from Leta Elise Armstrong to Leta Elise Armstrong-Pitt.” This is my favorite guess yet. Yesterday afternoon the lawyer asked where he could send documents that need to be signed, and before [...]

Afternoon at the dog park

DORJ! of the Jungle

A little over a week ago DORJ!’s brother Tim (the disgustingly beautiful man in this picture) visited Utah with his beautiful wife. It should be noted that Tim is only Tim and not TIM! In fact, Tim might actually be tim. — lowercase followed by a period, uttered with your eyes looking at the floor, [...]