• http://spaces.msn.com/bubblezworld/ oO_Bubblez_Oo

    That’s so sweet! Leta is HIS big pink treat, and he’s not sharing.

    Also, id say he was probably a bit freaked out that you were going to make him wear one of those sweaters!

  • http://thebigtradeoff.blogspot.com Karen

    Love it. I’m not a dog lover but I really think that Chuck could rehabilitate me.

  • RzDrms

    p.(p?)s. i have a cat. she likes blue birds. no testing on her please. that is all.

  • http://www.ransom-note-typography.com jon deal

    Dogs in clothes kind of freak me out. Especially on those “Yo quero Taco Bell” breed of pooches.

    But that’s really cool that Chuck has a “momma bear” instinct.

  • Snickrsnack Katie

    I knew that Chuck always had it in him to protect his sister. While dogs always are hesitant at first when there is a new addition to the family, they almost always come around and become extremely protective of said addition. My dog growing up was one such dog. Granted, I was born before her addition to our family, but I was two years old. Granted, she teased the hell out of me and was known to pull my diaper off and run around the house with it between her sharp fangs while I stood there screaming at her. But whenever a stranger would approach me, she would bare her fangs and drool as if rabid. And she was the best friend I ever had. I am sure Leta will grow up loving Chuck this same way!

    BTW, next time, get a picture of Chuck with the little dog in his mouth! :-)

  • ProudMary

    We have three dogs, the smallest and youngest of which has always been a total social freak, particularly around children. We were naturally concerned that she wouldn’t get on well with our new baby, but she guarded his crib from the other dogs the first night we brought him home, which continues to this day. She adores him while the others couldn’t care less. They really are amazing animals that never cease to amaze.

  • http://mundaneblog.blogspot.com/ p miller

    i can understand what Chuck was thinking. I also felt like i wanted to eat that dog.

  • http://youlikeashley.com Ashley

    So precious. And so incredibly reassuring.

  • cate



    After all the times I wanted to leave comments, and tell you how much I worshipped you and your perfectly insanely hilariously sane observations, now I be dumbstruck.


  • marianna

    You’re so lucky you have Chuck, Heather. I have Mitzi, a female sausage dog who loves to hump the cat, also female. It may be unethical but it makes evenings with the two of them in the lounge far more amusing.

  • RzDrms

    dangit, erin! i so totally was logging back on here to write (and i swear), something like, “p.s. i totally wanna eat that dog myself” or something equally funny and cute, but you totally out-cuted me, so you win. you eat the dog. the dog is yours. eat him. i was gunna, but now he’s gone. all eaten up.

  • Donny

    I have admired the way you turn normal, everyday stories into literary gemlets. I agree with the poster who said you’re still the Queen of funny. My fiancee always looks at me funny in the mornings as I stare at my computer with a huge smile on my face, and then rolls her eyes at me when I begin laughing out loud. She knows I’m reading “Dooce” again. She’ll understand once she’s a parent (I have a son, but with an ex-wife).

    What a heart warming story. Think my Beagles will ever protect my son like that? Nah, I doubt it.

  • http://misspriss.org becky

    my husband’s family had a german shepherd that would keep the boys out of the road. they’d run towards the road, she’d grab one of them by the diaper and drag him back. then she’d go get the other one and drag him back. in the meantime, the first one took off again. they thought it was a great game. poor gretchen was just plain tired! but she loved them fiercely and would protect them from harm at any cost.

  • http://justlinda.net JustLinda

    Oh, and PS about the lollipop comment– call it 5th kid syndrome or whatever, but I actually appreciate it when Cricket cleans off the baby’s mouth after she finishes her meal! ha!)

  • wooblyhedgehog

    Maybe soon it’ll be like those “Good Dog Carl” books! (Here! Like this http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily/03_11_2005.html post!) Except you won’t have to make up any words…you can just leave Leta alone with Chuck!

    “We have to go shopping. Take good care of Leta,Chuck.”

    Just imagine the possibilities! (Yes, just imagine them…but god forbid don’t write about, lest you unleash The Wrath of the Interweb.)

  • Jessica

    That is so sweet. Best. Dog. Evar.

  • wooblyhedgehog

    Maybe soon it’ll be like those “Good Dog Carl” books! (I’d make that a link to this http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily/03_11_2005.html post, but I don’t think links are allowed, so just cut and paste, y’all). Except you won’t have to make up any words…you can just leave Leta alone with Chuck!

    “We have to go shopping. Take good care of Leta,Chuck.”

    Just imagine the possibilities!

  • wendy

    If you wear a scary mask and leap out at Chuck in the dark, you may be able to recreate the bison scare. Better yet, he may learn to climb the side of your house. Um, not that I’ve tried that with my own dogs after a couple of beers just to see what would happen.

  • http://capricowgirl.blogspot.com Erin

    P.S. I would so eat that dog.

  • http://www.distractedmind.com Tina

    Our dog normally behaves as if our daughter is a toddler-sized tribulation, but whenever we go to my in-laws (who seem to be a pet refuge–so many dogs), our dog goes into protection-mode. She does exactly what Chuck does, minus the growls. Of course, none of those dogs are wearing pea-green argyle–that may be the difference.

  • http://august8th.net laurie

    aww, chuck is so cute! He just wanted a lil taste! hahaha.

  • Sunni

    Chuck was just being a good fashion policedog and felt he had to protect Miss Leta from that horrid sweater. She might have been blinded for goodness sake!

  • http://smosey.com Elizabeth M. Johnson

    What a cutie.

  • http://justlinda.net JustLinda

    My little 4 pound toy poodle sleeps right outside my little girls’ bedrooms and is ON GUARD all night.

    Dogs are AWESOME. Cricket may not be much for actual protection, but she’s great as a warning system. My girls play out in the yard only when that little fuzzy black warning system is out there with them.

    Gawd, I love your comments being open. It’s because of my tribute poem, right???? I made this happen? (and don’t go telling me I have delusions of grandeur, I already know it.)

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Strizz

    That dog is way cute, but I have to hate him for having better clothes than me (unless they have that sweater at Walmart…then we can be cool).

    I have a black lab and every time I want to kick her nasty diaper eating, I told you to go lay down 5 seconds ago ass to the curb she lets my baby try to rip her ears off and then ride her like a pony. Of course the baby will ask for a second hot dog just for the dog. Cahoots I tell ya.

  • pjmcb

    We’ve accomplished pretty much the same thing by just having more and more kids. By the time our first girl came along, her three older brothers were first so enamoured, and then so protective, that she’s protected from all sides, day and night. We like to joke that we’ll never have to worry about her dating, since her brothers will run off any boys.

  • http://www.katieeverybody.blogspot.com Katie

    Aw, just like any good big brother! Especially any big brother that can bare his crazy scary animal teeth.

    Mmm… little chocolate dog…

  • http://gabbergirl.blogspot.com Katie

    I love your Chuck stories and hope my pugs are as protective of our future children.

    Your descriptions always crack me up.

  • nancy robbins

    Chuck is the man and Leta is the Queen and they will live Happily Ever After.

  • http://www.princessjoanna.net/blog Princess Joanna

    I think Chuck was offended by the sweater. Dogs in clothes….bah.

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com rivetergirl

    Plus Chuck knew he could totally take that dog in one bite!

  • happykap

    I love reading about Chuck. :-)

    We had an Irish setter who was also very docile until my twin sister and I were born. He’d run in between our cribs constantly to make sure we were both okay and protected us from visiting dogs.

  • Mab

    Too adorable. When a family member is threatened, no matter how much the family fights from within, they turn against the common enemy together.

    Turns out it works with dogs, too.

    Off topic – so hey, is Britney STILL to be left alone? You’re really sure? I’m really just curious.

  • http://dooce.migrantroo.com minxlj

    That’s so cute that Chuck is so protective over Leta. Our family dog Mocksey (died a few years ago) was SO protective over my baby brother, he’d stand on his hind legs overlooking the cot, and if anyone he didn’t like came near the baby, he’d chase them right out of the house! Endless source of amusement for me :-)

  • Kate

    “…the more forcefully he used his body to shield her from the Chocolate Cat.”

    Hah! Classic Heather. Classic.

  • Maniacal

    HAHAHAHA Still on the floor laughing at the picture I have of you in my head roaring just as poor chuck got up to the stuffed ox? LOL Never seen a dog jump that high….but I’ll admit I’ve done that to my cats on numerous occasions….*giggle* especially when the dust buster is involved….actually looks like they had a spring under them that just tosses them across the room…..funny every time!

  • keagansmom

    OMG, I almost peed myself! you’re a friggin riot!

  • Bird Lover

    I also have a small dog (miniature weiner dog named Nelly). She does not have the protective instincts that Chuck has. It is all about her. Kayla who? The only time Nelly hangs out around Kayla is when she is eating, has eaten, or is thinking about eating.

    If Kayla were in imminent danger Nelly would politely move out of harm’s way. I can’t really blame her for not being more aggressive. Her teeth are the size of baby corn so the most she could is give you a rash if she bit you.

  • http://cnbyates.blogspot.com cyndy

    You crack me up…I only hope our dog ends up having half as good a relationship with his sister as Chuck and Leta seem to have!

  • http://www.jbjones.blogspot.com Mrs Ca

    Too cute. Although I’m not exactly a dog person I probably would have melted if I saw that.

  • KidKate

    When we first got our beagle, she became immediately attached to my husband. So much so that a few days after we got her, we were all sitting on the bed (me, husband, beagle, and Simon The Wonder Dog) goofing around when I playfully hit my husband on the leg. At which point, the beagle came flying across the bed and bit my hand. Their relationship was sealed–in the 3 years that we’ve had her, she’s bitten me (albeit always gently) about a dozen times and never laid a paw on him.

  • Sorenson

    I grew up with big, hairy, protective dogs (Briards). As a trade for keeping us safe, they received a lot of love and exclusive use of our clothing as post-drink-of-water napkins. Good times.

  • http://pickleness.blogspot.com Stepha1202

    Isn’t it so sweet when the furry members of the family care about the sticky finger members? The first time my mom babysat our son Hugo at our house all 4 of our cats, normally hermitical, surrounded her and watched her every move!

    Lucky Leta!

  • Janine

    No way dude…you’re leaving comments on??

    I’m sorry to say: but Bronx is quite ratlike in appearance.

    Nonetheless, my dog, the world’s largest carnivourous baby, probably would have immediately gone through the ritual of smelling said ratlike pup and then running in terror from it. Normally, this entails him hiding behind me and then barking at other animals from the safety of behind my legs.

    Yes, my dog would gladly sacrifice me to the ratlike creature to protect his own netherregions from being sniffed.

  • jmouse

    Bronx is gay. Bronx is a fog.

  • Tim in Flyover Country

    You wouldn’t see a cat trying to protect Leta like that would you? This is why dogs rock! Why can’t more former congressmen be like Chuckles?

  • http://rosiejoshandashton.blogspot.com rch7279

    That is so wonderful! I have to ask, just in case you know – where is that little min pin sweater from? I have one (a min pin) and although I generally don’t care for dogs dressed like people he gets so cold all the time that he really needs sweaters, but he is so so small that I can’t ever find any that fit him correctly. They are always to long and get peed on very quickly.

  • http://thekilgore.blogspot.com christy

    Just teach that dog to cook and you have free, instant babysitting for life.

  • http://crazyamandaworld.blogspot.com YankeeAmanda

    This gives me hope that my 90 pound chocolate lab Hershey will eventually see my 5 month old daughter as more than a provider of pacifier chew toys and will come to be her protector. All I can do at this point is hope for the best!

  • jacks

    I love stories about Chuck. They make me smile.