• http://www.simplygeeky.com geeky

    so cute! i fully support more puppy chuck videos :)

  • http://blogs.salon.com/0002504 AnitaBonita

    Cutie cute cute!!

    All babies are cute, whether they are puppies or children!

  • http://www.mspolly.com Ms*Polly

    OMG. Chuck makes me turn to a lump of blubbering mush. In the best possible sense, of course. ;D

  • Heather

    That dog is too dang cute. Almost makes me want to get one. Need to walk neighbor’s dog to get over the urge. Thanks, it’s snowing here!

  • thleen

    Thanks for the Chuck Video. He is way too cute.If only they could stay that little, but less annoying.
    You could market Chuck Dolls and retire in a few years.

  • http://www.biggestapple.net BigA

    He’s like a cross between a bunny rabbit and a piranha (or like that time Bugs put some giant dentures in his mouth).

  • http://forme.wordpress.com Aden

    Puppy Chuck is too cute, I love that video. I like the idea of audio/video posts.

  • http://masterfoley.com Master Foley

    chuck is da man

  • http://www.dustyclodfelter.blogspot.com Melanie

    Oh my gosh, he is the sweetest thing!!!

  • http://lifeisgoodatthebeach.blogspot.com/ BeachMama

    How cute is Chuck?? I wish we had video of our dogs when they were puppies. It would remind me that they were once sweet, cute , small dogs. Not the burly, huge 10 and 6 year olds that they are!

  • http://www.babblefishe.blogspot.com Hannah B.

    Awwww, they always look like little angels…when they’re they’re sitting still. Bubba was a crackbaby, too, or would have been if crack was readily available back then. Perhaps a PCP baby? At any rate, a wild thing who bit and scratched, but, as the video clearly showed, a cat’s jaws are much smaller than Chuck’s were even when he was a fuzzy-wuzzy pup.

  • http://www.jolie1.blogspot.com jolie

    this day wasn’t looking good: up at 4, jammed my neck rolling around trying to get back to sleep at 5, gave up and crawled up from my cave at 6.

    but, ah, sweet puppy chuck with my morning coffee. much better now.

  • http://mixedup.diaryland.com Mixed Up Confusion

    Cindy in Illinois – GEORGE! is now at: http://verygeorge.com/

  • http://www.khya.typepad.com Steph (Khya)

    My God he is soooo cute!!! I want one just like that! And he grew-up into such a handsome young man who balances objects on his nose! You really want me to take a flying start out my window! My partner won’t let me have a dog just yet

  • http://polar_bear.blogspot.com Scheherazade

    Aww, that’s adorable. I bet it’s hard to believe he was ever that small!

    When we got our Lab/Weimaraner, he could sit on my hand, now we’re lucky if his paw fits on my hand!

  • Chloe

    Might I join in on the rejoicing about the re-opening of the comments? I don’t tend to have anything especially good to say, but I like to read other people’s comments, and be struck by how 99% of us have the exact same reaction to something posted. Regarding the new comment policy, I guess the age of thirteen posts per entry that simply say “FIRST!” is now over. Can’t imagine how THAT ever got old.
    I ALSO need to get a newer version of Quicktime, cause it wouldn’t work for me, either– went to youtube.
    Future Senator Chucklesworth was even cuter as a puppy! I didn’t think that was possible. And while I remember dealing with a puppy of that age, with the little needle teeth and the constant need to play or pee or poop or drop down into a sudden sleep for five minutes before it’s time to PLAY again… goddamn, puppies are cute little motherfuckers. And, awww.

  • Cindi in Illinois

    Hey, where did your cousin George! go? Can’t find his blog anymore!

  • Martin

    oh..my..lordy… you are surrounded by the most adorable things! What a funked-up whacked-out pooch!

  • http://www.katai.squarespace.com Katai

    Chuck was so cute as a puppy that my brain melted. Now I have to clean up melted brains. Thanks a lot.

  • http://kimba-bremen.com kim from germany

    OH MY GOD the cuteness kills me.

    “nobody puts my baby in the corner”

  • Cindi in Illinois

    I was able to view Chuck on the youtube site. Had the same problem with Quicktime as some of the others did.
    Chuck is so adoreable.

    Love your blog…been reading you ever since you started! Looking at your gorgeous pictures of Utah makes me want to visit there someday too.

  • http://kissmycrisis.blogspot.com/ Kim E

    I don’t think Chuck could have been a cuter baby or a cooler grown up dog. He rocks.

  • mandee

    how friggin cute is he?! i love puppies

  • http://letsgogetsometacos.blogspot.com hulahulagirl

    opening comments: great (thought i can’t read them all! and i don’t know how you do either)
    video: great
    audio: HILARIOUS!

  • vivaciousvalerii

    I think that just made my heart explode. Chuck was an adorable puppy.

  • http://www.theocblog.net/ Ryan @ The OC Blog

    That reminds me of my former roommate’s puppy, a doberman pinscher. He was as active as Chuck, although a little bit shy at first.

    I wish I could afford a dedicated server.. that’d be so cool. Hmm.. maybe I should push my customized hosting services more aggressively.

  • Dave Thomas


    Next time you get a puppy, have it bronzed. This not only calms their shit down, it also keeps them puppy-style cute till the end of time.

    (Does it work on human babies? Happily, yes!)

  • Torence

    OMG SO PRECIOUS! I didn’t have a camera when my dog was that little!

  • Mixed Up Confusion

    Seriously, baby Chuck would kick EVERYONE’S ass at cuteoverload.com.

  • DesertJade

    Have you ever thought of the MONEY you would make by cloning Chuck? Not to everyone, you gotta keep the supply and demand in your favor. Maybe only offer 2 or 3 to some top bidders. Just an idea.

    I have a friend who has a dog that looks like a mini chuck. He is some mix of chihuahua/dachshund/corgi or somthin. I’ll try to get a pic and send it to you. The resemblance is amazing!

  • http://www.randomandodd.com Kristine

    *chanting to myself*

    change is good. change is good.

    *rocking back and forth*

    change is not going to kill me.


    It could be worse…bucky’s assless chaps could be on video.

  • sassy7cassy

    StuffED animal. Whatever. Proofreading is for wienies.

  • Jessica

    Oh. My. God. Cutest little Chuck ever!

  • Kate

    Hahaha… I can’t stop watching.

  • wrongwaywy

    Oh my word, he’s so adorable!!

  • anneelizmary

    Thanks for the chomp down memory lane. My standard poodle (Lizzy, Chuck’s dream date) still does that mouth thing at 4 years unless a tennis ball is inserted, completing the “chomp!” circuit in her brain.

    Thanks Charles R. for the Quicktime tip. Off to uninstall/reinstall!

  • sassy7cassy

    That stuff animal had me thinking that video would turn out a LOT different than it did.

    What a precious little dogger! He’s grown into such a fine young man.

  • brie

    Holy cute! I nearly choked on my dinner while squealing with delight at this clip!

  • oromat

    that is the cutest stinking thing I’ve seen all day!!!

  • http://missbehave.org MissBehave

    How amazing that something so evil looking as a puppy can turn out to be such a respected member of society when older..

  • http://grilled-cheese.org/blog cdkscully

    Ahhh the puppy years!

    Now that brings back memories.

    The chewing.
    The destroying of shoes, socks, clothes…
    Chewing everything in sight.


  • honeykbee

    Surely by now you are questioning the decision to enable comments.

    And wishing you had a nickle for every instance of “cute” above.

  • Crackerjack

    Detroit Free Press tech writer Mike Wendland posts video clips of pretty good quality on his blog at pcmike.com. It might be worth a look.

  • DyamondEye12

    What a cute puppy he was! At first I thought he was going to have a little animal fun with the stuffed animal!

  • http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com greenthumb

    Seeing that snapping mouth of needle sharp teeth…ya, all to real over here at the casa de homo’s. Lucy is so mouthy…drivingmecrazy. I found small scabs on Harlow tonight, apparently she’s taking it for the team more than we are. We’re at 10 weeks and growing, growing….you get the idea.

    That said…How freakin’ cute is and was that Chuck? OMG!!!

  • Melly

    That video needs to come with a Surgeon General’s warning – I died from the cuteness.

  • http://www.justsayjes.com jes

    Chucka Khan. Not much has changed.

  • http://www.hannihaus.com Hanni

    Lil’Chuck: what a precious puppy.

  • http://www.gypsygentilli.blogspot.com Christina

    awwwwwww, what a cute puppy. I can’t believe he was ever so tiny.

  • Tiggerlane

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    I think I just had a pupgasm.

    THE EARS!!

    Thanks for the youtube clip – I thought I was going to have a coronary when the quicktime didn’t work.

    Ever think of creating the spawn of Chuck?