• http://juleann.blogspot.com Jule Ann

    I can’t view the video, either, but then again, I’m running Linux, and I’m used to having things not work. I was able to watch the last one that you uploaded to YouTube, though. For some reason, I have no trouble with that site. It likes me.

  • http://mylifetransformed.com Mary Jo

    He is so cute. The video plays great for me, never any issues. I think you should have MORE videos. I am a huge fan of the food/things on Chuck’s head… and this was even better!

  • http://fruitofmywomb.blogspot.com/ AngieC

    Did you even think to ask Chuck if he was lactose intolerant? I’m getting a bloated gassy feel just thinking about it!

  • dodgemedlin

    Cruel? Nah, not unless you made him cry it off.

    Also, I’d like to note that in your post the other day, you said, “I used to be an energetic cross stitcher …” For a second, I read “energetic cross dresser.” No idea why.

  • JulieS

    Dooce -

    I can’t be bothered to read the comments, (your Comment rule J is just wonderful) but in case there are any nasty trolls weighing in, I send you support and admiration. I love this website.


  • b.

    Very few internet experiences can actually make me laugh out loud, but the sight of Chuck pulling the carton off his face and then going back for more was utterly priceless. :) It’s just one of the reasons why it’s so easy to love a dog.

  • http://www.skitteringthoughts.blogspot.com Chickie

    Too funny! My Chihuahua will get her head stuck in drinking glasses in that same manner.

  • http://www.letterstolucy.blogspot.com Sara

    So funny! We used to do that to our dog too. She got so she could recognize when my dad was scraping the bottom of the carton and would sit at attention, just waiting for him to put it on the floor. That damn dog was so spoiled, my parents would make her her own piece of toast at breakfast.

  • http://almost30.blogspot.com agnieszka

    Ummm…I am totally going to do that tonight. Except the carton will be on MY head because my dogs only eat meat & cheese. Heather, you’re always inspiring me to do crazy things, thank you!

  • http://spaces.msn.com/members/muirnait Muirnait

    Aww, Chuck is such a darling dog! When I think about what sort of dog I’d like to (eventually) have (when I have room for one!) I think of one kinda like Chuck. Dogs and babies always make me smile…so your site is like CandyLand or something.

  • http://mooseinthekitchen.blogspot.com moose

    Who needs a dishwasher when you have a Chuck? My dog’s housecleaning abilities are noticeably stunted. Maybe that’s because I never share my ice cream.

  • http://www.holdyourtongue.org seven

    That’s not cruel. What’s cruel is when I’m eating ice cream in front of my salivating dogs and go over and over “ooooh, this ice cream is so gooood, you guys don’t know what you’re missing”. If you hear about a sharpei and a terrier tearing apart their owner, it’s probably me.

  • http://www.lisasdotcom.com lisadijon

    ice cream = milk = calcium. everything is healthy when you break it down…

  • http://www.graceopenheart.blogspot.com Helen

    Sooooo unrelated to your adorable dog with his ice cream cap / asphyxiation device. Love your blog. It’s what got me blogging and now I’m addiction. REALLY really dislike people criticizing you, but I suppose that’s part of being a human. My question is – help! I need a web designer for a small business I’m starting (simple four pages). I know you’ve done this in the past (or something similar). Any suggestions? Know anyone? It’s for a professional wedding consulting business – I say professional so you don’t think I want some cheesy floral drippy site!! Something sophisticated… simple… like



    Thanks! And keep it up, isn’t it worth it to be with Leta? She’s adorable and for the record I totally support educated mothers staying home – well-educated mothers having the time to teach our children good values will help reshape culture (for godsakes!!!).

  • http://pupsickle.blogspot.com Pupsicle

    Wow, that was great. Did you plan it?

  • http://www.finnsspace.blogspot.com Kathryn

    you should try that with a near empty jar of peanut butter — ENDLESS hours of entertainment!!

  • http://miniaturerose.blogspot.com Rose

    That is one talented dog! Too funny.

  • http://crazyamandaworld.blogspot.com YankeeAmanda

    When I was a kid we had a dog named Nipper. My mom was the lovingly cruel type. She’d get red jujubes and stick them on all 4 pointy teeth and his tongue would just about twist in knots trying to get them off. Sometimes she’d pile about 2 inches of peanut butter on a cracker and shove it against the roof of his mouth. Without the benefit of milk, he would lick and lick, and by the time it was all over, his tongue would seem about 2 feet long, but he would lay on the floor at her feet, exhausted and happy.

  • http://www.golden-state.blogspot.com miss kendra

    i give my dog a big mouthful of peanut butter and then take pictures of him trying to eat it/lick it off his face.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    you are no less cruel to your dog than i am to mine. take yesterday. battle of the century was waged in my driveway. josh vs the harbor crab.

    i know i should have let both little creatures live in peace, but a stand off ensued and how could i deny the contenst.

    in the end, i think it was a draw. josh had a few pinches on his jowls and the crab, well, he lost a limb.

    i almost lost my lunch laughing, but hey, i’m a sick bastard.

  • Carli

    God, I wish I could eat bacon for a month.

  • http://so.verycontrary.com/ Mary Craig

    I was just thinking how nice it would be if I only had that much focus. Then I realized that I do…for ice cream. The main difference between Chuck and I is snout length, the lucky bastard.

  • Adrianek


    I have found your site in a magazine a few months back. After reading you humorous posts I discovered you are the daughter to the amazing lady that hired me. I absolutely love your mother. I am on the Prestige team in California. I see now that none of her stories of Sienna and the twins were fish tales.

  • ash

    I do that to my dog, it is just usually the Ben and Jerry’s carton. She too has too much fun with it!

  • http://scrapblogmebaby.typepad.com/blog_me_baby/ Ngaire

    LOVE it !! Lol what good are kids and pets if not to amuse us!!

    LOVE the blog btw.. Its just so… LIFE!!

    Ngaire In Brisbane Australia

  • Becky

    Forget the ice cream. You MUST STOP THE OPUS DEI rituals.

  • http://delusive.net Delusive

    I just finished reading The Da Vinci Code a few days ago, otherwise the Opus Dei comment would have sailed right over my head. Thank God for Dan Brown.

  • http://tiggerlane.blogspot.com Tiggerlane

    Love the “Video Evidence of How Chuck Got His Long Neck.” PRICELESS!

    And I hope you don’t change the fabulous content of your blog, now that your mother’s friends are watching!

  • http://stridey.blogspot.com Charles Hawtrey

    It’s like he can’t decide whether he’s in misery or exctacy.

  • codepoet80

    OMFG you cruel people! You could have killed that dog! Someone should called the humane society!!!1

    …just kidding.

  • http://hibiscusfire.blogspot.com hibiscusfire

    I love the “melted goo” at the bottom of the ice cream cartoon…thank god my head can’t fit inside of one…

    Regarding Leta and chocolate covered crackers. I have a friend who is a pediatrian and her 2 year old son refused to eat anythin g but bacon for a month. So he ate bacon for a month. And he’s still a smart kid, lightning didn’t strike anyone in their family, and my friend didn’t lose her medical license.

  • Carli

    Can you imagine how much food we’d waste if not for our furry faithful companions? Ice cream, sandwich crusties, goldfish crackers out of broom reach, but not too far for (dun dah dah dah) Supertongue! Animal “lovers” who think that this is in any way cruel should put an ice cream bucket on their heads and lick. Hell, they might find somewhat of a bright spot in their dreary, universe-policing lives. Bless the pooches, and ice cream, too!

  • Johnnydrummer

    Typical greedy Congressman. His time out of office has not mellowed him at all.

  • mediaguy74

    You need to send that into Americas funniest videos and cash in on this hidden talent. Ka-Ching! Too funny. Between Chuck and Leta you guys seem to have a great time being entertained.

  • http://www.xanga.com/SallySchilling Sally

    Oh, and as long as I am into confessions with my dog… my son has shared that the dog and he agree that it would much more fun to have me get high with them.

    But I must draw the line somewhere.

  • http://www.houseinprogress.net jm@houseinprogress

    If doing that to your dog is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    And I think most dogs would agree with me.

  • http://www.patreesha.com patreesha

    Does Chuck do okay with chocolate?

  • http://www.xanga.com/SallySchilling Sally

    Happiest face on our white lab dog? Following the exact same exercise it leaves a chocolate (yeah, I know, it’ll kill her) ring around her face – above the brows, under the chin, around the cheeks!

    I’m not sure why people scold me on this when I share that she’s eaten more chocolate, ice cream and chocolate cake in her lifetime than any human. She also runs five miles a day and she’s HAPPY!! I suppose if it’s going to kill her (or Chuck for that matter), she’ll die with a smile on her face!

  • http://dryink Erika

    Wow, you should consider taking Chuck’s act on a across country tour. I’m sure millions would turn out to see the abused ice cream cartoned dog. I know I would. Keep us posted.

  • twest


    Mmmmmm stew…. Here’s to the dog snout activists!! :-)

  • belletoes

    I know ya’ll don’t drink beer but, we used to put little pieces of dog food in an empty twelve pack container. My dog Trigger who has been hospitalized on at least 4 occasions for gluttony bloat, would amuse us for hours with his head stuck in it. Though I was surprised not to hear you all howling with laughter like we used to!
    I love Chuck. I have a four year old girl named Moe Moe Shanaynay who looks a lot like Chuck and I think they would get along splendidly! Thanks for all the laughs.

  • shinygood

    last week, i was able to see the video of babychuck but with this one i just see a little white box with blank “play/pause” and “volume” buttons. i can hear audio of dogtongue and doocegiggling, but that’s it. (G4 running OSX)
    people like you should be given MORE dogs, and more stcky things to pop on those dogs’ heads. bravo.

  • http://wendymacblogs.blogspot.com Wendy Mac

    My dog will eat just about anything. My daughter has taught him to eat her boogers. Handy, isn’t it?

    Now, if only he would get that excited about something as cool as ice cream, like Chuck!

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    That was so funny… I love how Chuck was just ready to sit and take the ice cream carton. Animals are wonderful for hours of entertainment!

  • http://www.simzgirl.com/ simzgirl

    That is hilarious! I am sure, given the chance, my dogs would do the exact same thing! That is great. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.billygean.co.uk Billygean.co.uk

    My boyfriend and I think chuck is adorable and boyfriend always remarks that he’s so slender his head/neck merge (i mean this in nicest way possible!). With a carton on this is exemplified and is thus adorable :)


  • http://scrapblogmebaby.typepad.com/blog_me_baby/ Ngaire

    LOVE it !! Lol what good are kids and pets if not to amuse us!!

    LOVE the blog btw.. Its just so… LIFE!!

    Ngaire In Brisbane Australia

  • lixxie


  • FlakeyBlakee

    Thats too funny. We used to do that with our little pug dog. Cept we had to cut the carton in half so he could get his little face on the bottom.

  • http://web.mac.com/julievician/iWeb/Alotasplainintodo/My%20Blog/My%20Blog.html Mrs. Ricardo

    Between Leta and Chuck I think you two have more fun than Utah allows. ;-)