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Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to tell Leta how remarkably stunning she is. Every parent I know feels this way about their kids, that their children are undeniably beautiful, but I’m often told that I shouldn’t use such quantifiers because she will grow up thinking that her sense of self is [...]

Sweet Abby

Nothing more healing or incomprehensible

On Saturday my Aunt Lola had her second mastectomy. We joined my mother and step-father in her recovery room just as she was coming back from surgery, and as three nurses tried to lift her from the gurney to the bed she flashed us her bare back side. “HEY, LOLA,” I yelled, “WE CAN SEE [...]

New blocks, more clutter

Superior cleaning power

Earlier this week we bought a bulk package of space-age toothbrushes in various glowing colors, a necessary purchase considering that our current toothbrushes look like they’ve been run over by a tank and then used to clean the engine of a car. I am personally not very particular about toothbrushes, as long as they have [...]

Sharing a drink

Go forth and multiply

When my sister was pregnant for the fourth time she gave my mother a frame with places for five pictures as a christmas gift. I was standing directly next to my mother when she opened it, and I noticed before she did that the first three mats in the frame corresponded to my sister’s first [...]

The roses in the front yard finally bloomed

Artistic representation of the amount of words that come out of his mouth at any one given time

Side show

In an effort to save money Jon and I have parked our large Nissan truck at the back of the driveway and are now driving the two-door Honda everywhere we go. Leta’s car seat fits snugly behind the passenger seat, but because her legs are ninety percent of her body and stick out as far [...]