• http://www.waitingforheaven.com carrie

    Ohh.. at least you get to have fun with your job and its not working for the “MAN” and living in complete hell daily because your job sucks so hard a donkey couldn’t get off!

    I am sure you did fine with the phone interview. And its always nice to hear someone whos accent falls into the same “area” as my own. My own boyfriend tells me I’m a hick when I talk .. Tough Love I tell ya

    Even if you think its all crazy like .. He told you that your boobs were too big for a picture. That is ALWAYS A POSITIVE ! !

    side note.. Jon .. I have the clogs too.. Ohh they are heaven!!

  • http://www.theniffer.blogspot.com the niffer

    Fuck you’re funny.

  • http://www.troll-baby.com Karen Rani

    Clearly, that dude wasn’t the one asking for your “sexual picture” months back.

    “Actually” is one of my overused words too. So much that Troll Baby is constantly saying, “Actuwawee Mommy.”

    Your post cracked me right up. Congrats on the interview.

    Oh and sorry to hear someone was being baggish about you somewhere. That sucks. Some people’s kids.

  • http://kimbanelson.blogspot.com/ dancingnancy

    “Uni” – thanks June for reminding me of my time studying abroad in Australia! That’s “university” or “college” for the Americans.

    When I speak in public I don’t even HAVE a word to fall back on…I just fumble, mumble, and look around as I wait for the blood to pool in my cheeks, or until the earth mercifully swallows me whole.

    The haters are just jealous. Just like the rest of us, they’d KILL to pay off their mortgage while working at home…part time….ugh, I’m going to go slink back to my 8 – 5 office job now…….

  • http://workbook.wordherders.net G Zombie

    I lauged out loud at your description of Chuck suddenly turning boneless. Thank you.

  • http://sandrascanadablog.blogspot.com Sandra

    Meanies stink!

    I’d have thought those IT types would have loved a bit of Very Famous Blogger Cleavage.

  • http://www.fannfare.com Amy at Fannfare

    I heard a podcast with you and Kottke and thought you sounded great. Smart, confident. Congratulations on the interview, cleavage or not!

  • http://tarawhitney.typepad.com/ Tara Whitney

    i wish i could photograph you guys. i think we would have fun.

    cant wait to hear the podcast.
    i just did one myself, and was SO worried about what i sounded like. that when i actually heard myself i was pleasantly surprised that i dont sound like the screechy nasally witch that i hear in my head.

    i am sure we will all fall in love with the guttural drawl.

  • http://kassig.squarespace.com/ Kassi Gilbert

    too much cleavage for an IT magazine? Have they SEEN the guys who work in IT? Have some mercy, show them the cleavage. :)

  • Angela

    That person that made mean comments about you is just jealous.

    Because you are fabulous.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.com Snickrsnack Katie

    First off, I am sorry that someone was saying mean, hateful things about you. There are always going to be haters out there. And it never gets easier to deal with. But just know that 99.9 pecent of us think you are awesome.

    I really laughed hard at this post – just the thought of Leta sitting there grinning with a chocolate moustache and Chuck squirming around looking for his sunny spot really made me chuckle. Thanks for a pick-me-up to an otherwise lame ass day.

    You rock, Heather.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.com Snickrsnack Katie

    Oh, and forgot to add that I HATE MY OWN VOICE. I guess it is because we hear our own voices through our own thick craniums and we sound way different in our own minds. And then when you have to hear how it really sounds, it is embarrassing. I always think “Good LORD, do I always sound that northern? And is my voice THAT high pitched?” How have I survived this long in the business world with that lame voice?

    He who invented the answering machine must be shot.

  • http://di@redefining.org di

    You’re so wonderfully normal! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • http://mainelymadge.typepad.com madge

    Viciously mean comments suck. But not as badly as not working up enough courage and gettin’ it anyway.

    Thanks for the laughs. (Now must go find M&Ms…)

  • http://irritableblogsyndrome.typepad.com Dayna Lee

    Ahhh classic fodder of the blurbodoocery. It’s great. I love it!

  • Mlwooten

    I love this post..

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com rivetergirl

    At least “actually” can have many meanings. I teach an art appreciation class at the local college here and during my lectures I’m prone to use the work “aaaaannnnd” to fill the gaps and the syllable/sound “muh.” Yeah, it’s not good. Who in the hell says “muh”? Oh, right, me. But I get to show pictures of boobs and man parts and generally talk about nekkid people so my class is always full.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    “working up the courage to take it up the butt”

    so the biggest smile i have had all week.

    nothing like a little anal sex reference to make for a happy morning.

  • solaana

    For some sad reason, my filler word is “…yeeeeeah…” a la the boss from Office Space. It’s disturbing, to say the least. And drawls are awesome. My sister-in-law, from freaking Boston, has acquired one after living in Texas for only a year so far. So they’re obviously also contagious. Long live the “y’all:” the safest way to address any group of people yet invented.

    And M&Ms = life. Good that Leta’s got that part down already.

  • http://smoness.livejournal.com/ smoness

    I can’t wait to read it! And, Dear GOD, I cannot stand the sound of my own voice either. I’m sure YOU’LL sound just fine, though.

  • http://www.poopandboogies.com William

    An IT mag can’t show cleavage? They could just add another T.

  • http://www.asmalltowngirl.com Ang

    I hate to hear messages I leave as well. It’s not a twang or anything, just the sound of my voice. Makes me cringe. And I always end up saying something dorky!

  • http://vindauga.typepad.com Lisa V

    Exactly how much head do you have to give? Because my damn car needs an $800 repair, and I am thinking of turning tricks to pay for it, so help me out with the math here. How much head to pay for a new knock sensor?

  • http://www.biggestapple.net BigA

    I bet if Jon had been working some man cleavage as well they would have run with it.

  • http://www.monkeythoughts.com monkey

    Very familiar with the brain goo occurrence…same thing happens any time I walk into a store for one particular item, which I managed to not write down. And phone calls are worse because I get distracted and stop listening. Ugh.

  • http://hmckillip.blogspot.com Heather

    I love your blog, Heather! And as another flatchested Heather, I can completely relate to all of the posts lately about “big” boobies, or the lack thereof!

  • http://www.vaguelyurban.com Vaguely Urban

    That’s the kind of analogy they should have on the SAT:

    M&Ms are to LETA

  • slickwilliejr

    give jon his clogs back!!

    something bad will happen to your pink shoes!!!

  • http://www.digitalpretzel.com fred

    enough to bee too mhc for an IT magazine? i dont remember the last time our company’s other IT guy (not me) saw some clevage..

    Never enough I say.

    you lead sunch an intresting life… there should be a DOOCE channel. ALL DOOCE ALL THE TIME.

  • http://www.cdnmummy.blogspot.com Beth

    can’t wait for the podcast. I am sure you don’t sound that bad.
    Post the pics too!

  • apuraja

    yes cleavage is too much for an IT mag. I’m an IT guy and just seeing the words “I had to give a lot of Head” on this website, makes me quiver! lol.. now there’s all kinds of dooce.com video thoughts swirling in my head.

  • Nancy

    I like your left sidebar with your personal links, favorites, etc. . . . but I’m worried about the right sidebar–you have a mortgage to pay and a dog to feed!

  • jenlovely

    my favorite fillers are “umm” and “uhh..yeah”.

    and screw the haters, i think you’re wonderful heather. silly accent and all.

  • http://valerie.beautifulexchange.org Valerie

    I remember when I first heard what my voice sounded like on a tape recorder. I was horrified and desparately wished that people heard the beautiful sing-song voice I heard in my head rather than the stuffy-nosed, head-cold like sound I was projecting.

  • Talon

    Yeesh…I had to switch to a different browser to get typekey to let me log in…

    I usually say that I drop about thirty IQ points when I talk on the phone. Bleah. Much prefer writing.


  • Molicious

    Good luck with that one. No matter what position I’m in it’s extremely difficult to get some cleavage. I’m jealous. Even if it’s just a little.

  • schadenfreudette

    thank you for so exquisitely describing exactly what happens to me when i try to speak in public. which is why i write as well…

  • http://jenorama.com Jenorama

    I can relate. The current tagline on my blog is based on a comment somebody left on an evaluation of my keynote address recently:

    (My last name): “You know… You know… You know…” Irritating.


  • http://thisthatmotherthing.blogspot.com AnitaBonita


    Yeah, pooey on the person saying mean things.

    But boy are you inspirational that life just flows and sometimes the worst things turn out to be the best.

    Yay for the boobs!!!! (although I wonder if the IT folks would just freak out over the sight of any boobage)