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Are You a Yankee or a Rebel?

Are You a Yankee or a Rebel?No surprise that I am 99% Dixie. (thanks, Ella)

For his own good

“Heather, have you seen my clogs?” “Your clogs?” “Yes, my clogs.” “Oh! You mean those shoes that look like the warted claws of a creature who lives under a bridge and dines on the intestines of ferrets?” “I’m serious. Where are they?” “Those things you forced our dog to wear, and then afterward his paws [...]



Leta’s ongoing sinus infection has made it difficult for her to sleep because she can’t figure out how to suck her thumb without suffocating herself. Her naps cut themselves short about two hours too soon, and every morning she calls out so early that she interrupts my recurring nightmare where I’m standing in front of [...]

So glad that Daddy is home

Um, have you got any pizza in that camera?

Which should explain a few things

My next piece about the music from my childhood is up at Alpha mom: “Whenever I hear just a few notes from ‘Super Trouper’ I’m reminded of the endless hours my siblings and I would dance in the living room next to the eight-foot-long console that housed the record player, and how I would giggle [...]


Her mother’s daughter

Sunday afternoon we took Leta swimming for the first time this year at a public pool with a shallow end for kids. Her reaction to water so far has been positive if not a little too enthusiastic, like a Golden Retriever. She seeks it out, is drawn to it magnetically, and if she sees a [...]

Wreath of nailheads