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August 2006

Bitch on Flickr

Bitch on Flickr What should have been the official drink of the BlogHer conference.

Next time she’s coming with me

When I left for San Francisco last week, Leta had just begun playing Mommy to her collection of baby dolls, scary plastic dolls given to her by my mother who found them on sale at Wal-Mart. I’m not exactly sure why it is my mother does this, always seeks out and buys the cheapest option [...]


Good for licking

“You know the pictures people take of me where I’m seen licking things? I don’t ever look like the gentle flower I should be while I’m doing it.” “I know. You’ve always got this crazed look in your eye as if it is not something you have chosen to do but instead something you are [...]


Divisadero Street, San Francisco

Business trip

Yesterday morning I flew out to San Francisco, and later today I’m driving down with friends to San Jose to the BlogHer conference. I would be more excited if I weren’t completely consumed by the throbbing pain in my arm two inches above the cancer wound where Tuesday morning I received a tetanus shot. My [...]

On becoming an Anglophile

My next piece about the music I listened to in college is up at Alpha Mom: “My best friend from high school had introduced me to Britpop, had given me a stack of magazines and newspapers he’d brought back from England the summer before we started college. At the top of that stack was a [...]

Little kid