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tremble: How to Fly into an Ineffectual Rage

tremble: How to Fly into an Ineffectual Rage“The only physical advantage I have is a naturally saddened and bearded face. That particular combination is often enough to keep people from messing with me because, at rest, my face telegraphs a pathological fatalism that could translate to reacting unpredictably if cornered.”

YouTube – Solla Solla Enna Perumai

YouTube – Solla Solla Enna PerumaiI will never be the same after watching this. (via Patatomic)

The Knowledge For Thirst: Black Cherry Vanilla Coke

The Knowledge For Thirst: Black Cherry Vanilla Coke “Pepsi’d be coming out with one lame marketing campaign after another, and we’d be all Excuse us, but we’re drinking whatever Cosby’s drinking, next order of business please.”

The Shape of a Mother

The Shape of a MotherImages of real bodies before and after pregnancy. Absolutely stunning and beautiful. Some NSFW. Makes me now feel more proud of the stretch marks I got on my thighs while carrying Leta. (thanks, Valerie)

Why you don’t want me to watch your kids

While attending a wedding by myself on Saturday night (Jon was off terrorizing innocent woodland creatures with his clogs), I stood behind two adolescent boys in the buffet line. Both of them turned their noses up at the endless variety of sushi laid out in beautiful, color-coordinated designs. By the time they had made it [...]

If we would let her, she would sleep in here