• Velma

    It is so good that you caught Ed and his little hoodlum friends before they could vandalize your bod any further. They broke a few windows, but didn’t manage to burn the joint down. Bastards.

    In all my younger years of excruciating self-loathing, I never once thought I’d be 40, looking back gratefully at having spent all my youthful beach time covered up in a massive T-shirt – “Frankie Say Relax!” – because I didn’t want anyone to see my body.

  • http://isthisforreal.typepad.com isthisforreal

    Very glad to hear that you’re on your way to getting better – and for making so many people more aware! Sometimes it just takes a person we know or know of to make it more real than an article or generic warning. Good luck with your other two areas, hopefully they wont be an issue in the end!

  • http://bornfamous.com bornfamous

    I wonder how many lives you have saved by posting this. Thanks, Heather, and I hope Ed’s relatives are easy to evict.

  • dancingnancy

    For some reason I am reminded of the Dixie Chicks “Goodbye Earl” song….

    Congrats Heather on your successful surgery! Hopefully there won’t be many more to come!

  • http://pandemoniuminmyhead.blogspot.com Pandemonium

    Oh, I feel queasy!

    Wishing you the very best. And a happy belated birthday!

  • http://ohjoyohbliss.blogspot.com thejoyof

    Thanks for the post Heather – was Ed raised above the skin before it was cut? I have a weird new mark on my leg and may get it checked out…

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com rivetergirl

    Thanks, Heather, for sharing your story. Some may think that skin cancer is no big deal and it can be if it’s treated early. It’s really nothing to mess with. I hope your readers take your advice and cover up.

  • heathabee

    Thank you dooce, for sharing your experience with us. I have gotten myself worked up into a bonified tizzy the past few months with all the articles coming out about skin cancer and sunburns and the like. I am extremely fair skinned and have had probably close to 10-12 serious sunburns in my life. “They” (oh, them) say, that having 5 really bad sunburns in life up your chances of having skin cancer by 55%. This scares the hell out of me.

    I am sending you positive thoughts, prayers and many well wishes for a speedy, painless recovery and that all the results show is that you caught the skin cnacer soon enough! It’s a great way to teach Leta to be sun-smart too!

  • glittergirley

    Yours is the only blog i read religiously everyday. My workday is incomplete unless i read your blog at lunch. When I saw your first post about Ed I almost started crying at work. I’m glad you got him taken care of and hopefully Shenaynay and Zirx (Thats what i’m naming the other two until you name them yourself) wont cause you too much trouble either.

    I hope you feel better and i know you’ll get better ASAP and my thoughts are with you.

  • http://eviljulie.com Julie

    With red hair and fair skin, I’ve been covered in SPF 45 or above since the day I was born. I still worry, though.

    It’s good that you’re getting this taken care of, despite how scary it is that there are more spots to be biopsied. I’ve got a number of friends who have had skin cancers removed, and they’re fine. Yep, sometimes they’ve had to have multiple spots removed, but they make it through every time. So will you. You’re the Mighty Dooce, after all. :)

  • http://bellybuttonbugs.blogspot.com bellybuttonbugs

    Ok, so I think you should name the others Edette and Edwina.

    Nasty pics but glad for you it’s out.

    Treat yourself to a nice large glass of your preferred tipple tonight. You deserve it.

  • http://eatmisery.blogspot.com Eatmisery

    I’m glad you got Ed taken care of, but I’m sorry to hear that there’s more Eds now. I will heed your sage advice to slather my children with sunscreen. After all, their lives really do depend on it. Best wishes, Heather!

  • arline

    big family vacation coming up. have SPF 50 for the very, very fair-skinned child. varying SPFs for darker skinned self and husband…

    belated happy b-day and good riddance to ed!

  • http://www.jrschutzy.typepad.com Jennifer Schutz

    I know this will be me in a few years. I spent 5 years as a lifeguard. I abhor sunscreen (and lotion, and makeup, and anything else that goes on my face), and I’m ungodly pale, so I used to soak up the sun all day, all summer long. I’m going to pay for my stupidity with cancer and wrinkles.

    Thinking good thoughts for you. Those stiches do look like a gross bug. Now at least you can tell Leta that if she doesn’t wear her sunscreen, the gross bugs will get her too. THAT would have gotten me to wear sunscreen.

  • http://www.jenireno.blogspot.com Jeni

    Good message, Dooce. Try not to worry too much.

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill Shalvis

    Amen to covering up. Hugs to you and yours on the procedure and the stress.

  • http://www.chirky.com jes

    Oh, God.

    A) Heather, I’m glad you had this spot removed.
    B) Heather, I’m sad for you that MORE places on your body have become the newest intrigue for your doctor.
    C) Heather, now I’m scared to take the trash out without putting on sunscreen first.

    Good thing I have a husband for chores like that.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/poontoast ash

    Now I’m applying sunscreen I’m sure “too much” whenever I’m in the pool, which is a lot. But I feel safer now. And those pictures make me understand why the crazy people in Arizona are white as white can be. It could also be because I’m not a fan of stiches or needles.

  • http://womanwithkids.blogspot.com/ Womanwithkids

    Goodbye Ed. Nice knowin’ you, don’t let the door yer ass on the way out!

  • http://seacreature15.blogspot.com Seacreature

    The fear is now set in my brain. It’s screaming at me. SUNSCREEEEEEEEEENN!!!!

    Thank you for sharing those pictures of Ed. Good luck with the rest of the procedures.

  • theboysmom

    Thank you for proving that I’m not a complete fool for being so concerned that my sons are covered from head to foot in SPF 6000. Have a pint or two of ice cream – you deserve it.

  • http://www.alottaerrata.blogspot.com Alotta Errata

    Heather thank you so much for posting these pictures. I’ve seen the warning photos on cancer sites but they just don’t seem real. I’m amazed at how easy it would be to overlook something like Ed. He is entirely ignorable.

    I’m glad he’s gone though, and hopefully he’ll take his friends with him. There is nothing like a guest that overstays their welcome.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts, best wishes and fast recovery!

  • mamamiacanuck

    Now you’ve got me scared shitless over a couple of moles I have..and probably rightly so! Fake orange lotion-made tan, here I come!

  • http://www.poopandboogies.com William

    RIP Ed.

  • lousoz

    Good riddance to Ed!
    And about those other areas…hopefully it’s just a matter of cut and gone. I know it’s not pleasant getting them removed, but the sooner they are off your body the better.

    Does your doctor recommend one type of sunscreen over another? ( just curious)

  • Renae

    Yikes! Best wishes for a speedy recovery Heather.

  • DivineDiva

    hola woman! I am sending you all my love in the form of a big shady hat, jackie -o glasses, sunscreen..and a bottle of tequila. Well maybe my better-than-sex cake too..(believe me you it sometimes is!) ((If I can part with it)) We shall farewell ED & his cohorts ,the molettes aka ED&EDDY, and kick those unruly little subtenants out! The lease is up !
    Ok enough rambling, Take care and relax today!oh by the way…HAPPY BIRTHDAY…MRS. Dooce Armstrong.. Happy Birhtday to you! Cha-Cha-Cha!!

  • Bob LeDrew – Flacklife

    I’m another BWC… that would be blogger with cancer. I got diagnosed two weeks ago with bladder cancer (I know, I know, shoulda been putting sunscreen on that son-of-a-gun, but it’s so hard to reach).

    Courage, Heather. Keep writing and shooting pictures. I love your blog.

  • http://howdoyoulikeme.blogspot.com/ jw

    Use this as an excuse to get drunk.

    Oh, wait, you don’t need an excuse, do you?

    Be well!!!!

    Ooops. Sorry. Be WELL.

  • http://fairycreations.blogspot.com Arty Steph

    I’m going to be outside all day tomorrow for a concert, and believe me, I will be completely covered in the highest SPF I can possibly get my hands! Stitches scare me. . . .

  • http://www.hollyrhea.com HollyRhea.com

    Sending you my concern. Fight it like a mutha’, Dooce.

  • http://fairycreations.blogspot.com Arty Steph

    oh oh and i was the first comment! but now i’m all concerned about the moles i have on my back, i’m going ot have to go to the doctor.

    best wishes, dooce :)

  • http://www.somethingclever.net Devlyn

    Not to sound all “holier-than-thou” or anything, but with skin cancers running in my family (so far none than are malignant, thank goodness), I keep myself nice and white the whole year round.
    Ed is dead! Long live Ed! And now? You’ll have another tough scar. Rawr!

  • http://www.jolie1.blogspot.com jolie

    I’m getting a weird red spot on my forearm checked next week. thanks for instilling the fear of god, erm um, cancer in me. I say that in complete earnestness.

    as my mom says: “chin up, chest out (such as it is)” – freakouts aside, it sounds like you’re handling this like a champ.

  • http://kissmycrisis.blogspot.com/ Kim E

    Far too many young people suffer from skin cancer as it’s a ‘won’t happen to ME’ disease. Thank you for getting the word out. It’s an important warning.

  • http://www.spamboy.com Spamboy

    My dad had an Ed on his right brow — they cut it away, and it left an interesting divot that stands out from the rest of his furrowed wrinkles. If I look into it, I can see his brain, which makes me want to ask it, “Dude, what was up with the no sunscreen, mon?”

  • oublionslepasse


    I’m so naive. When I saw the very first pictures on this post I thought they were the after shots.

    Going to take an SPF 85 bath….

  • Amy

    You know how doctors attributed the increase in screenings for colon cancer to Katie Couric’s on-air colonoscopy? And how they called it the Couric Effect?

    Take heed, Doctors, for The Dooce Effect. I predict you’ll accomplish for skin cancer what even the good senator from Arizona was unable to do.

    Thanks for taking care of yourself, and for looking out for your faithful readers in the process.

  • heathah

    Hi Heather… cancer is scary, period. You have every right to tell every single one of those nasty people to fuck off if they tell you that your skin cancer isn’t a big deal.

    I’m actually one big walking freckle with boobs, so looking at Dead Ed actually looks like a few spots I have on me. And I’m calling a dermatologist on Monday, so thank you.. by posting pictures of Ed Who Is Dead, you are doing a huge service to everyone who thinks that the little bump on their body is just a sore/pimple/pink freckle. I actually sent 6 of my girlfriends a link to this post too, just so they can see that this happens to REAL people.

    Please keep us updated on this, and know that you have loads of people sending you well wishes.

  • Lowter

    I think I could do a better job with the stitches … couldn’t they have used a lighter weight suture? Ask them that with the next two … tell them you are a fragile flower … you don’t need to be stitched up like you were made out of leather. Sheesh.

  • http://lifeisgoodatthebeach.blogspot.com/ BeachMama

    Glad to hear that Ed is gone. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. A reminder to take care of our skin is a good thing, sorry you had to go through it and hopefully the other spots turn out to be nothing much of anything.

  • DeannaBanana

    Ha. When I had cancer of the thyroid, I nicknamed it Bob. My Uncle Bob wasn’t thrilled but it was the first name that came to mind.

  • michelle

    So glad you got rid of the nasty Ed. I have a nasty boss called Ed and I excised him this week as well – when I moved to another work environment. Felt good.

    All the best with your other moles!

  • OneBabyMama

    I am so making an appointment with my doctor to see a dermatologist next week. *sigh* Even with my very dark skin (Mexican & Native American), I know I am not immune…even though I acted like I was my entire adolescence. Ugh.
    Thanks for these public service announcements, Heather. We would do well to pay attention!
    *hugs* I wish you the very best. You can kick this cancer’s ass! And you’ll have the tough-woman scars to prove it!

  • JessicaP

    I’ve never worn sunscreen before in my life, except Im sure when I was a child and my mother would hold us down, kicking and screaming, and apply a thick layer to our skin, but after today, after reading about your ordeal, I am making a promise to my skin to be nicer to it and treat it with the respect it deserves. Good luck with this and thank you for sharing…it has openened my eyes, and probably many other’s as well.

  • http://www.thrusher.blogspot.com thrusher

    Heather, I’m so, so sorry about this. We are all thinking of you!

  • http://kassig.squarespace.com/ Kassi Gilbert

    I’m glad it’s going well…and yeah for sunscreen. Suggestion though, maybe you can let Leta name your moles and such. She might be less disgusted.

  • sera

    Just wanted to say that you ROCK.
    ‘Wow!’ You’re probably thinking to yourself. ‘What an eloquent comment! This person must also be a writer!’ Sadly, I am.
    Ever since a friend told me about your blog I’ve been reading regularly and am never disappointed by your wacky observations, amazing attitude, and great sense of humour. AND you hate Crocs – a woman after my own heart!
    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for being such a cool, intelligent, and hilarious woman who expresses her thoughts and opinions so well – you’re an inspiration to many, and we need more people like you getting the word(s) out.
    (Question – any plans to write a book? – If you did, I’d buy it!!)
    Cancer sucks – but the way you’ve faced it is both inspiring and heartening.
    Best wishes to you and your beautiful family – sending you many good vibes from Canada (we Canucks are known for our good vibes. And our pot).

  • http://www.deejaneyisat.blogspot.com DeeJaney

    Elmo Heather,
    I’m glad to hear that Ed has been evicted from the Big Brother House, however sorry to hear that you’ve found a few more houseguests for elimination. I am also sad that the doctor seems to have removed a few of your arm freckles. As someone who has always longed for freckles, I am deeply saddened by this. Keep up the good fight, Heather, and thank you for posting this to help all of us be more mindful of the sun in the future. You’re in my prayers, girl.

  • http://www.ideasforwomen.com/news/ Trisha

    I guess I really need to be more careful when in the sun too and to stay out of it whenever possible. I worried about it a bit, but not enough really. And I’ll have to really make sure my doctor checks my skin real well next time I see she too.