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    This post made me laugh out loud. I love reading hate mail. Other people’s, that is.

  • honeybfly

    Hi Heather,
    Finally ‘de-lurking.’ I am truly amused and amazed by the hate mail. Of the many obligations we have in life, reading blogs are purely optional. The effort expended to write any of those notes could have been saved with a simple mouse click. Go figure. I was in SLC for the first time on a business trip last month and all I wanted to do was meet you, Jon, Leta and Chuck. I admire you because you do the one thing my creative writing degree doesn’t do: motivate me to write everyday. You are a ROCKSTAR!

  • Jessica

    Capri Suns and ranch-flavored rice cakes. Chocolate. Pictures of doubled stuffed cookies drizzled with m&m’s and carmel. Grapfruit ON IT! Chuck’s Friday night chow. OMG! I’m SO HUNGRY!!!!!!

    Much Love to you Heather. I adore your blog.

  • http://misstraceynolan.blogspot.com/ misstraceynolan

    “Grapfruit ON IT!” is my new fave thing to say. Thanks!

  • http://stunewsandphotos.blogspot.com/ Stu mark


    Sorry, dude, you don’t deserve the hate mail, not at all. You may not be everyone’s cup of tea (although I don’t get that, as I would have assumed that your prose was pretty much universally dug), but there’s no call for anyone to treat you with such disdain and disrespect. As a full-time husband and father (there I go, playing the “full-time husband and father” card again), I love your posts. All of them, the ones about Chuck and the ones about Jon and the ones about your own perspective, your own inner monologue. Best of all, your monthly letters to Leta are so very moving, providing me with inspiration to pay deeper attention to my own kids.

    Thanks for everything, Heather.

  • Romi

    i love the fact that Jon gropes you even in sickness. how’s that for true love? ;o)

  • deannie

    I like that you write about things you have lived and remarkably (FYI for those folks who have never had a smart two year old daughter), they resemble very much the life every mother out there has had at some point. It will always be infinitely interesting to observe these young ones as they grow and blossom into people that well, we would just want to be friends with anyway. That is how I have always felt about my daughter. And as is the case with my friends, there are days I wish they would leave me alone.

    All I know is that I hope I get to chat with you next year in Chicago since I couldn’t make it to San Jose this year.

    Glad you could laugh about this today, many hugs,

  • http://thegirloutofbrooklyn.blogspot.com Joanne Viskup


    I know you have recieved a ton of support today, but hell, you deserve it! So here’s more of the same…

    It’s all about the love people! It’s so obvious that you live in a house full of love and I feel privileged that you share so much of it with us. Thank you for continuing in spite of the haters.

    Fellow supportive commenters: Please let’s make “asshat” THE thing to say. Let’s get that term out there people. It’s just too damn good.

    Let’s get ON IT!


  • http://www.monkeythoughts.com monkey

    Hmm. There are some crazy twats out there. But Dooce…you attract the craziest twats of ‘em all.

    And what is it with sick men? My husband could be on his death bed and he’d still want to get freaky. It must be encoded somewhere on male DNA.

  • Chuckles

    Meh. The ones who accuse you of having no life amuse me. Their life is critiqueing someone who does? Clearly you have achieved success as a foremost female blogger and thererfore you need justify yourself to no one.

    On top of that you are an interesting and FUNNY writer. Keep it up, girl.

  • http://amusingmyselfdaily.blogspot.com molly

    …..OF FRANCE!

    Oh and I clicked on an ad.. just for Mia..

  • tripstothepark

    I love your blogs! Don’t listen! They’re spawn! Your blogs are my “little treats” for making it through another day! Rotton people! Your commentary on the daily things in this life are precious and hysterical at the same time! Only pure genious can make you want to cry and laugh so hard you almost pee yourself! It’s a great ab workout, maybe whats-her-head “desert” lady should try it!

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com rivetergirl

    That seals it … I will never understand human nature. To get to a blog, a person must either type in the address or click a link. As far as I know, there aren’t legions of doocians forcing people to read a la Clockwork Orange. People seriously need to step away from the computer, ffs.

  • Laura

    I love hatemailers.

    They make me realise what I not want to be when I grow up.

  • http://www.kayti.com kayti

    err i’m 20, was never a mormon and dont have kids.. and i still check dooce everyday. i must be subconsiously raising a two year old in my sleep and thats why i still find it interesting, unlike robert. cuz clearly no one enjoys reading about people with 2 year olds if they dont have one. no one.

  • http://wakingupastonished.blogspot.com Melissa

    bitches, man!

  • tracy.e

    What in the world motivates people to send emails like that?

    It’s funny that there are “repeat” offenders…they come to the site, read a post, get so angry steam is coming out of their ears, send hatemail, and then come back for some more the next day…

  • http://www.beautifulcandy.blogspot.com Kissyface

    What I love about the hatemailers is that they are, in a sense, completely tone deaf. You “whine” about your sewer line? Sure, but the point is, you make the mundane hilarious via exaggeration. I thought you seemed relatively calm about your cancer, you just blew off some steam. I will never tire of Chuck photos (this is where I propose you let me have him, just one more time). Finally, if you ever stop writing about that precious baby of yours, with all the realness, love and hilarity you scribe herein, I will at that time protest your blog.

  • FinellySpinelly

    Whuddup Dooce? This is my first time to comment on your blog, but I read it every day and am always amused by your words. I don’t know how or why these haters are so passionate about the way they feel. You read it, and you either like or you don’t. If you don’t, don’t come back. It’s that simple.
    I think it’s great you have a sense of humor about it.
    Not that you need my validation…what with over 200 comments and all, but keep rockin on. I dig it.

  • jenlovely

    i dunno how you read hatemail all the time. i’d just ban the IP address and solve their problems for them.

  • http://stunewsandphotos.blogspot.com/ Stu mark

    To any women out there who don’t understand the death-bed butt-grab, it’s a procreation thing. If we think we’re dying, we want one last chance to create progeny. It’s not even a conscious thing. We are indeed wired that way, and I am confident that we’re not the only species who experiences this interesting little bit of biology.

  • luvsgod7

    Tsk tsk, hatemailers. Get a sense of humor. Quit taking out your self-loathing and bitterness on dooce.

    Please dooce, don’t ever change. We love you just the way you are, clog-talk and all. Some people just can’t appreciate you like the rest of us do. Don’t let them get you down.

  • Katie

    Ugh. If these people weren’t so hilarious in their epic hate-drama, I’d kinda wish they were squished like bugs by a giant clog.

    I LOVE hearing about Leta and Jon and Chuck. Maybe if you took them all somewhere else in the big, wide world and then wrote about it, some of these people would be happy. Or not. I also like dessert and sewer line posts, though naturally not at the same time. And enough about the ads already, morons; they’re barely noticeable. GAH.

  • http://lifeofshoe.blogspot.com shel

    so, last time i checked….a blog was a place for a person to write whatever the hell they wanted. a blog was a place to not give a shit what anyone who read it thought.

    if the fuckers don’t like what you have to say then why do they keep coming back? i’m betting money that they go to other blogs and bitch and moan just as they did here.

    they are truly all craptacular asshats.

  • Cheech

    It’s obvious these hate-mailers are jealous of you because 1) they don’t have the support you do (whoever said it was failure when you have to ask for help is a fuck-nut), and 2) they have to sit in an office all day working for someone else, while you are able to work from home, enjoy what you do, employ your husband, and stay at home with your husband and daughter.

    If anyone is doing it right, I’d say it was you.

  • http://clonesightings.com Tiff


    You know what all those emails lacked? Mature critique.

    A lot of things were said on their part that is really not needed.

  • CJ

    First, the movie with Chuck was awesome. I found it endearing that you call him puppy, too.

    I’m happy to see your attitude with the hate email. Goodness, what a bunch of losers.

    It looks like you get amusing emails as well, and I hope they are numerically superior in addition to containing superior content.

  • http://baseballmom.typepad.com shelby mayor

    Whoa…that was fun, can we read more? Really entertaining. They all need a big bong hit, or a straight shot or something…better yet, a good groping!

  • Cosy Perham

    OMG, I wasn’t going to comment because everything I was thinking has already been said (and I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know Fridays were Chuck-Fridays) but I tried to move on with life and all I keep thinking about is how fucking lame some people are. Good thing you’re a stronger person than I — I’d be submitting those haters’ email addresses to all the porn/spammer sites I could find.

    Oh why can’t I learn from your doings?!

    You’d think these people would learn some proper English with all the blog reading they’re doing.

  • http://thefabulouslifeofbabyk.blogspot.com babyk102982

    Just officially delurking to say I think I love you. In a totally non stalker sort of way.

  • http://decadently.net/ marie b.

    I’m considering sending you hate-mail after following that link to the glorious, well-lit, sugary dessert post. Torture!

    Well, hate-mail or an all-expenses paid trip to Barbados for pointing out the amazing things than can be done with Nutella and cookies.

    I mean, really: what can’t Nutella do? (It’s great on Pringles. Trust me.)

  • CynicalDog

    This is my first ever comment here, and I’d like to say that I enjoyed this entry immensely. I’d also like to tell hate-mailer Janet that I moved to the “desert” to try to combat stress, and I think it helps! So, if Dooce is suggesting people “treat stress in their live with a desert”, then I must concur.

    (Is anyone else surprised that Janet wrote an email filled with spelling and grammatical errors, yet still used the proper form of “their” and “it’s”?)

  • debbie j.

    I check your site once a day and am only disappointed when there’s not a new post up yet. You make me laugh out loud sometimes! Keep up the good work (and ignore those ignoramuses) (sp?)!!

  • dll0630

    Ok- I had to respond to this entry. I love reading your blog. The pictures of your daughter are beautiful and I think sharing the experience of parenting her is interesting. Chuck is a striking dog-I liked the recent post and link about balancing treats on his head. I appreciated your sharing and bringing to light how skin cancer affects people of all ages. I have to laugh when you give us the blunt “this is how it is” with Jon- thank goodness he doesn’t have West Nile. What you do is an art, a gift, talent- it’s great and I will keep reading as long as you keep blogging.

  • Foo

    I want you to know that I just registered with Typekey just so I could comment on this hilarity. These people say they can’t relate to your writing. Well, maybe that’s a shortcoming on their side:

    1) I have no kids (and no plans for kids) and still very much enjoy reading about Leta.

    2) I am a cat owner but find Chuck adorable and entertaining. I hope he got some of those treats you balanced on him. He earned them.

    I struggle to take seriously the rantings of anyone whose grasp of spelling and grammar is so tenuous.

    Keep up the great work. And I hope gropey Jon gets well soon.

  • http://misha-pooh.blogspot.com Mish

    wow, you have over 300,000 ads i have never seen! You are trying to make $ off this thing? How dare you to force people to click on ads, shamefull. I mean I have been reading since b4 Leta was born and I never read anything about jon quitting his job b/c your site could support the family and Leta gets a whole stay at home family – how selfish. For real – I love the Leta monthy posts and I have NO children. You do post a lot of pictures of Chuck but about once a week i take like 20 pics of my 2 dogs and 2 cats :) . And depression – fucking idiot who just says suck it up. I have quite wealthy wonderful parents, a beach front 26 floor condo and i pretty much hate my life most every day. About the cancer on your arm – the nerve to be scared about one of the scariest things i can imagine.


  • http://dollface.net/ Doll

    I don’t understand people who send hate mail. Why not just stop coming to the site if it offends them so much? Instead they have to get all worked up and send shitty words to someone who isn’t hurting anyone, and get them all worked up. Man, people with that kind of negative energy and ill will should seriously do the world a favor and play in traffic. I used to have a bumper sticker that said, “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself”. People are assholes.

  • http://sfgirlinparis.com girl called phil

    i’m loving the hate mail.

    I’m curious about the demographics of the site. I glossed over some of the comments and read a few references to how people don’t fit the mom-dogowner-mormon-married demographic; I got curious about the general profiles of a readership this large. I don’t know whether you care enough, but any thoughts on doing a simple poll?

  • http://www.poopandboogies.com William

    According to your hate mail…you are like the Internet version of Kathy Lee Gifford.

  • http://misha-pooh.blogspot.com Mish

    i forgot – your hate mail makes me feel sorry for these people w/ so much negative energy. But they make me LOL. They are clearly lunatics – dont let them get to you

  • erink

    it amazes me how much time people waste throwing hate out into the world. i wonder, who is forcing them to read your site? sure, i find the ads a little annoying at times, but if i had the ability & know-how, i’d totally have a website that i’d pimp out with ads.

  • http://teacherjen.blogspot.com jenlyn

    as a fellow cancer survivor, i hereby grant you the right to deal with your equally valid cancer in any way which you so choose.

    if i hadn’t laughed about things such as being radioactive as part of my treatment, i would’ve just given up.

  • http://poetic-acceptance.blogspot.com Erin Monahan

    For people who dislike you, they sure do read/comment a lot eh?

    I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. Sorry, I missed the whole “getting dooced” story, and honestly, I’d heard the ohrase, but didn’t realize that was you until a few days ago.

    I’ve heard you got an ego after that, and that your writing style changed. I don’t know what it was before, but I love your blog, your style, your Leta stories, the dog stories, all of it, and that was true before I knew you were a “star” so to speak.

    I’d be more likely to be upset if you had that adorable little girl and DIDN’T blog about her. Glad to see you just make fun of the idiots and don’t give them any undue consideration.

  • http://teacherjen.blogspot.com jenlyn

    as a fellow cancer survivor, i hereby grant you the right to deal with your equally valid cancer in any way which you so choose.

    if i hadn’t laughed about things such as being radioactive as part of my treatment, i would’ve just given up.

  • schmutzie

    People seem to have a hard time grasping the weblog genre called Personal. Maybe when their brains have caught up to this new-fangled blogging business, they will realize that personal blogs are just one kind of thing among millions of kinds of things that nobody cares if they are a fan of or not.

    PS. I like Chuck.

  • http://www.pitching-pennies.com Seren

    (I finally worked out how to register. Only took me several months! LOL!!)

    Just to let you know, my husband loves the Chuck pics. I always tell him when you’ve posted new ones and they brighten up his day no end! We both love that daft dog of yours, he has the most expressive face. And I love reading about Leta, so more please. Glad you’re taking no notice of those silly people.

    My daughter had skin cancer on her back when she was 16. That was terrifying, so yes, you talk about it all you want. Thankfully she’s been fine since it was cut out and I’m glad you are too. The internet would not be so much fun without our daily dose of Dooce!

  • ebradford


    I have been reading your blog for over a year. I find the things you write about to be enjoyable to read. More important though, I find the lens in which you view events in your life and write to be interesting and fascinating. I really only have two questions for you…Does your husband Jon get this much hate mail for the things he writes about on his blog? Will he post some of the hate mail like you did on your entry for the day so the rest of us can see what people are thinking and writing? That would be AWESOME! Thanks for keepin’ it real.

  • kim from germany

    okay janet, now why would it be unhealthy to “gain wait” ? i really don’t understand…

    it’s so amazing to see how those people don’t seem to have enough of a life to simply not come back if they hate your site that much. i just do not GET hatemail. as in, i don’t understand the concept of hatemail. how unhappy and jealous and sad does a person have to be to send someone they don’t even know mail like that? i read about it but i really, really don’t GET IT…

    so please, someone, one of you above mentioned emailers, explain it to me. please…?

  • tinker

    Clearly, these people are sitting in front of computers with guns pointed at their heads or, maybe, private parts, being forced to read Dooce. Maybe some are having their tonenails ripped out one by one… others are sitting blindfolded, hog-tied in a dark, damp basement as Dooce is read over and over again. We must find where these poor hostages are, we must find them and save them. I shall start an organization to save these people and I shall call it: Quest to Find the Poor Souls that are Forced to read Dooce, Against their will, Being forced to have these angry emotions and then writing boring, ugly and useless hatemail or “QTFTPSTAFTRDATWBFTHAEATWBUUH”
    Anyone in…

  • Quixotic

    I think there is something in the idea that what you do/say to other people you actually do/say to yourself.

    So much negative energy being directed in hatemail – quite sad.

    Have only been reading your blog for a short while, but have enjoyed every minute. :-)