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Noah, looks a lot like my sister


One day last week the following sentence from this website was featured as a quote of the day on personal Google homepages all over the world: People often write me and ask how I keep my wood floors so clean when I live with a child and a dog, and my answer is that I [...]

You’ve reached the Armstrongs

We recently bought a set of new phones because the one we’ve had for three years was dropped so much that it mysteriously developed a personality and would speak to itself in Morse code in the middle of the night. I’ve never had much luck with phones, and the one I owned while living in [...]

Font Bros – Typography Supply Company

Font Bros – Typography Supply CompanyExcellent collection of fonts, love the scripts, especially this one.

Lovisa Ringborg

Lovisa RingborgStunning photography that explores the borders between fantasy and reality.

My nephew, Britton

Exclamation point, Summer Edition

A couple days ago I got this very funny email from a reader, Laureen: I’m not one for commenting on posts but I just had to ask. . .how is it that the husband of the daughter of the Avon World Sales Leader may have the West Nile Virus? Don’t you have enough Skin So [...]

Very Zen: Oh Boy.

Very Zen: Oh Boy.The most fearless woman in the world, and very much an example of why I love her.

Good sport


This is my cousin GEORGE! That is a faux-hawk on his head, not a dead animal.