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Hardest working dog on the Internet

The following video is inspired entirely by this one where a group of wacky Japanese people (aren’t they all?) are seeing how many treats they can stack onto one dog’s head. They get up to 32 treats before the dog collapses under the weight of temptation. Here we’re able to stack 16 pieces of chicken [...]

In the neighborhood

Holding ourselves to standards our mothers never had to meet

My next piece about maternal depression and Tracy Thompson’s new book, The Ghost in the House, is up at Alpha Mom: “A large portion of the book is dedicated to the discussion of breaking the cycle of depression, to showing that even though the tendency toward depression is genetic, that a child who has inherited [...]

My Lovely Little Bug

Keeping it real

Today I drove my niece, Meredith, home while Jon stayed in bed battling what the doctors think may be a case of West Nile Virus — it’s either that or a bad bout of The Whimpers. Sometimes I think there’s a cat being strangled in the dishwasher, and then realize that it’s just Jon trying [...]

YouTube – Stewart and Colbert: O’Reilly & Rivera are Petit Narcissists

YouTube – Stewart and Colbert: O’Reilly & Rivera are Petit Narcissists“Where’s the flying aluminum debris when you need it?”

Through the viewfinder

I was reading Kottke this weekend when I realized that we have the exact Kodak Duraflex II that he’s talking about in this entry. It was one of those many wonderful toys that Jon brought into the marriage from his last one, among other things like the Kitchen Aid Mixer and a copy of The [...]

In which I continue to blaspheme

Something tells me that the person who arranges the Mormon book display at the grocery store has a hard time keeping a straight face: Behold, this image is in no way photoshopped. (Of course, neither was this one.)

Tiny Cat Pants: On a Funnier Note

Tiny Cat Pants: On a Funnier Note“I guess you have two options when you lose your pants out front of your house in broad daylight.”

Long trailer for “30 ROCK” starring Tina Fey

Long trailer for “30 ROCK” starring Tina Fey“It’s not illegal to fall asleep on your neighbor’s roof. Nor should it be!”