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October 2006

Jesus image found in dog’s butt

Jesus image found in dog’s butt “A three-year-old terrier mix has recently been blessed with the revered and holy image of Jesus Christ on his hindquarters.” (thanks, Roger)

I really miss the little guy

Side-effects may include very strong bones

Because Leta will not drink milk of any kind — not regular milk, not soy milk, not even the chocolate varieties of either — we give her two Tums each morning as a calcium supplement. When her pediatrician suggested this both Jon and I doubted it would ever work. Have you ever popped a Tums? [...]

Heading north

The Butt Ugly Gang! on Flickr

The Butt Ugly Gang! on Flickr If at all possible these dolls are more frightening than the ones in Leta’s collection. Proceed with caution.

Where God continues to have a very hearty laugh at our expense

From the moment we left Utah on Sunday Leta has put up a fight over every meal, and for two days she ate nothing but licorice and breath mints, thank God for the latter. She wouldn’t even agree to any of the staples — crackers or orange juice or pancakes smothered in maple syrup — [...]

Rare blue skies in the city, here out our hotel window

Today’s Marmaduke explained in 500 words or less

Today’s Marmaduke explained in 500 words or less “It is unclear whether Marmaduke’s actions were mischievous or spiteful, but the smart money is on spiteful.” (via coudal)


Leta is sitting next to me on the hotel bed and looks over to see a photo that I took of her with my cameraphone a few days ago. In it she is making a face that seems to suggest that her job on Earth is to sort through my endless demands, her eyes on [...]