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Mina and Tracey and Chuck

Tracey couldn’t believe that Chuck was sitting so still and she asked how we made him that way. Incessant beating, of course.

Hot men with beards wearing glasses

I haven’t had two seconds to myself in the last five days because a giant blue monster invaded our house. Leta calls him Dorj except when the word leaves her mouth it looks like this: DORJ! We’ve been up to Park city for the film festival and have been entertaining various guests here and there, [...]

Leta at Little Gym

Today is someone’s 21st birthday, who could that be? Could it be GEORGE!? IT IS. IT’S GEORGE!

Bridging the gap between species

As I sit here typing this Chuck is sitting at the foot of the bed pretending that he isn’t very interested in when the laptop is going to click shut signaling a series of events that could quite possibly end with a trip to the park. But I know that he is consumed with it, [...]

Resigned to the erosion of his self-respect


Jon downloaded this photo off his phone and emailed it to me with the subject line, “Would it be tacky of me to say that I want to bang you?” Reminding me that it was the right decision to marry him.

Wax on, wax off

Yesterday afternoon while Jon and I were working Leta’s babysitter ran out of activities to entertain her — they had already taken apart the DVD player and disassembled a wireless mouse — so she stuck Leta in the middle of the room and showed her how to kick her leg in the air. As she [...]

Training myself not to care

Hold me closer, Tony Danza

While picking up a few things at the grocery store this afternoon — by ourselves! because we figured out the solution to Leta’s public tantrums: leave her at home in her kennel — (I just used a dash, an apostrophe, an exclamation point, and a colon in one sentence, this is professional blogging at its [...]