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Opposite of fun

This is the world’s most true poem, written by one elementary school girl in response to a homework assignment with the theme, “I Wonder Why…” “I Wonder Why Teachers Give Us Homework” Teachers give us homework because they were abducted by aliens. The aliens projected images of homework in their minds to make kids miserable. [...]

Still taking the Thank God Tom Cruise Is Not In Charge Otherwise I Would Be Dead Right Now Vitamin

When Jon left his job we lost our group insurance coverage. I knew that I would have a hard time qualifying for individual coverage given my dramatic bout of postpartum depression and consequent stint at a medical facility, but I had no idea that we’d have such a hard time getting Leta covered or Jon [...]

Working with what we’ve got

“She called me Elmo-Mom today.” “I told you she does that. She’s called me that every day this week.” “I know, so I told her, ‘No, I’m Elmo-Dad, Leta. Elmo-Daaaaaad.’”

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories

Walrus, watch, wheel, watering can

Just now Leta was reading My First ABC Board Book and when she got to the page containing all the words that start with W she suddenly stopped as if she couldn’t figure out what was going on. I know that she recognizes W because she has pointed at it several times in the past [...]

Good God, Lord in heaven, etc.

Last night at dinner we had a hard time convincing Leta that her food wasn’t going to burn a hole in her skin. Each time I brought a spoon of applesauce to her mouth she blocked me with both hands and a flimsy interpretation of someone who is having her tongue forcibly ripped from her [...]

Being very careful not to touch each other

Most obedient dog on Earth when treats are involved

It wasn’t socks but it was close enough

Before Christmas I mentioned that I had given Jon a list of things I did not want him to get me. In case you aren’t married to a man and already painfully aware of this, men don’t listen, unless of course you’re wearing nothing but underwear and then you have their undivided attention whether you [...]

Desert sunset