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Coming very, very soon

Jon and I have been working non-stop for the last several days on this year’s calendar, scouring thousands of photos for the ones that capture Chuck’s superior snuggableness. And it made me realize, rarely does this dog not have something balancing on his head. Although I don’t think we pushed that skill of his as [...]

The Amazing Skidboot

The Amazing Skidboot This dog makes Chuck look like an amateur. Had a hard time not crying while watching this. (thanks, am)

Taunting him with pizza again

There is hope for television yet

My next piece about Friday Night Lights is up at Alpha Mom: Every Fall when the new television season is rolled out, I invariably become emotionally involved in those series which are yanked by their networks after only a few episodes. I have an uncanny ability to pick the losers, probably due to the fact [...]

Lauren Porter, Not Your Ordinary Knitter

Lauren Porter, Not Your Ordinary Knitter You have to wait for the site to load, but it’ll be worth it when you see the FULL-SIZE RED FERRARI she knitted with 12 miles of yarn. I still cannot get over it. (thanks, Valerie)

It Hasta Be Shasta

One of the things America gets right

Festive Halloween Cereal, oh that every morning could begin this way: The winter is cold without Franken Berry. During the four years I spent in college I collected over a hundred limited edition cereal boxes because I had a lot of free time that I was not wasting on other things, like being a normal [...]

19 Free Quality Fonts

19 Free Quality Fonts “The most beautiful fonts, created by the open-source community and free for personal, academic and (sometimes) commercial use.” I’m loving AUdimat.

Elephant legs

Elephant legs