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December 2006

Love is blind

“Stop looking at it.” “I’m not looking at it.” “Yes you are. I’m looking at your eyes right now, and they’re looking directly at it.” “When did it happen?” “How long have we been married? I always break out when I’m stressed out. Always right there on the side of my face.” “What have you [...]

N.Design Studio | Design & Blog

N.Design Studio | Design & Blog Lots of great tutorials and free icons here. A visual delight.

The very annoying school bus

It’s what’s for breakfast

And at only $7.49, sex with multiple teenage wives has never been so affordable!


Can balance large objects on head if offered a piece of cheese

Our friends Maggie and Bryan were driving through Utah for the holiday and stopped to spend a couple nights with us. Maggie and I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon shopping for gifts and dresses and then sat in a small cafe to dissect why I am such a chronic worrier. I don’t think Maggie realizes [...]

defective yeti: Picture Day

defective yeti: Picture Day “Parenthood tends to make you revel in the small injuries and indignities to which children are subjected (or inadvertently subject themselves).” So very, very true.

Light snow in the valleys

Kevin Smith’s iTunes Celebrity Playlist

Kevin Smith’s iTunes Celebrity Playlist“Since we’d more or less eloped years before, this was our nearest-and-dearest’s chance to watch us tie the same knot they missed us tying the first time. ‘Laid’ was the track Jen chose to walk down the aisle to (don’t ask) and whenever I hear it, I remember how beautiful she [...]