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They airbrushed the make-up on to produce that luscious wax figure sheen

One of the few instances when Britney Spears is not the right answer

About a week and a half ago I got an email from a producer at CNN asking if I’d like to participate in a round table discussion in New York City about Time Magazine’s person of the year. But of course, I said, as who in their right mind would refuse a free trip to [...]

Fall in NYC

Happy 80th, Dad

Happy 80th, Dad “It was a very haunting thing to look down at this obstinate kid pouting or glaring and see hints of my dad looking back at me.” Jon’s father who died 20 years ago would have turned 80 this month.

No place like home

I returned home late last night from New York, so late that I didn’t get to spend any time with Leta as by that time she had been in bed for an hour. On Thursday morning when I left, I got up very early to shower and finish packing, and when Leta woke up I [...]

View from a corner of Central Park

Weighing my options

“They want me to sit around with a few other people and talk about who I think should be person of the year. And you know, Mom, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to say yet.” “If the name Britney Spears comes out of your mouth on national television, Heather, I will deny that [...]

Getting a little too used to having the camera in his face

How could you not adore a man who lets you do this do him and then take pictures afterward?

Chaotic no more

A few of you have written to ask what I think of the divorce filing heard round the world, that which Ms. Spears has drawn up against the burrowing wombat who has had access to her credit cards for the last two years, he who regularly feasts on rubber boots and sprinkler heads, he whose [...]