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Jon walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Welcome to NY

Last night after the most insane cab ride I have ever endured, one where the cab driver knew a short-cut that, interestingly, a hundred million other people knew about, too, and as we’re circling Queens and heading in the exact opposite direction of Manhattan, the car in front of us gets into a fight with [...]

35-lb cat

Family Guy – Annoying Stewie Video

Family Guy – Annoying Stewie Video My life summed up neatly into a cartoon. (Thanks, Carrie)

Still life with National Geographic

Christmas time in the city

Jon and I are headed to New York in the morning because I am scheduled to meet face to face with the company who sued me, and we’re all going to pretend nothing ever happened. I’ve got a few pieces of jewelry I need to return to them, a couple rings that slipped off while [...]

Monty Python – Dead Parrot

Monty Python – Dead Parrot “I discovered that the only reason it had been sitting on its perch in the first place was that it had been nailed there.”


Aeriform A ton of inspiring portfolio work here.

As festive as I’ll ever be

My next piece about Christmas music is up at Alpha Mom: The most enduring memories I have of the season are those of music and the noisy static that exploded from the speakers when the needle touched the vinyl. My two siblings and I shared an Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas collection that we played [...]

Profile of an Armstrong