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Journey of a hundred horses

Journey of a hundred horses In a world… where horses… are very, very awesome. (Thanks, Jilly)

Making Morrissey very proud


Late last week Leta was sick with some sort of virus that had no symptoms other than a bad fever. It made her lethargic and mopey and interrupted her sleep six or seven times a night, six or seven times too many. Thursday we called her doctor, and the nurse told us we must bring [...]

Triumphant return of Scrumptious Bearded Armstrong

On being the mother

“What are y’all reading?” “One of her new Dora books.” “Which one?” “The very exciting one in which Dora imagines all the different things she could be when she grows up, like a doctor or a scientist.” “You mean she’s not hoping to grow up to be a blogger?” “Not in this version, no. But [...]

Sweet Juniper: Elegy for a father

Sweet Juniper: Elegy for a father “Perhaps, also, the sound of so many helicopters in the air, sending you the peace we all wanted you to have: they found your sweet girls.” A heartbreaking tribute to James Kim.

Thank you!

Thank you! For you. And you, and you, and you.


Bitter cold

Exclamation Point, Special Organic Free Range Chicken Broth Edition

Oh dear. Late last week I was going through my special hatemail folder — it’s called “Hate is all you need” and every time I open it four butterflies explode out of my computer and kiss me on my nose — and realized that I had enough really good ones to put out a fall [...]