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In praise of my househusband

During the 21 months that I was at home alone with Leta I developed a system of Getting Shit Done that involved multitasking on a level I had never experienced. In college I worked at a bakery and one of my responsibilities was closing up shop every night, a job that included an endless list [...]

Fending off the body snatchers

The aliens have been waking Leta up at ungodly hours. We did what anyone would do to protect our child from their corrupt influence and have once again sealed off her room from their death rays. This way she will never see the sun again. As Jon and I hung the tin foil in her [...]

Sometimes I wonder if I was even in the room when this kid was conceived

Open wide

Jon and I are having a hard time getting back into the swing of things, and it doesn’t help that we’ve scheduled a slew of appointments and meetings this week including Leta’s first trip to the dentist: She did fine until the chair started to recline, and then her whole little body started to tremble. [...]

Dude won’t shut up about his new jaunty collar


“Would you say that you are a procrastinator?” “Can I answer that one later?”

But…but…it was 90 degrees when we were in Austin

SXSW: Photos in which everyone is wasted

I’ve decided to go ahead and post the photos I took in Austin, all of them primarily of people. Jon and I had not one extra minute the entire time we were there to walk around and take photos or discover the city. I saw the second batch of photos we took for the first [...]

SXSW Detox

Jon and I got back late yesterday from our quick trip to SXSW in Austin. The whole trip seems like a blur now, every second of our stay scheduled out into meetings and panels and interviews. I’ll be writing up my impressions of the conference later today after I have fully recovered from the worst [...]

Tom Coates getting all up in Mena Trott’s business

I had the opportunity to hang out with Tom Coates and Mena Trott on Sunday night in Austin, and later I had a brain hemorrhage from the excitement. Getting to meet them was far better than sleeping with a soap star.