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May 2006

The blushing bride


Jon and I are headed to San Francisco this morning for a quick business trip, and last night after dropping Leta and Chuck off at their respective vacation destinations we came back to an empty house. The plumbers finished laying the new pipe and filling the holes yesterday afternoon, so we poured ourselves a celebratory [...]

Perfect contentedness

The Armstrong Plumbing Disaster

Jon and I are in the middle of our own personal hell as the outside of our house is swarmed with city workers and plumbers and loud machines that have little regard for children’s nap schedules. Our sewer line replacement didn’t begin until Monday morning because certain city permits had to be filed including one [...]

Finding inspiration in misery

Evidence that he and I would not have been fast friends in high school

“I need your help. Can you think of a name for this project I’m working on?” “How about ASSCRACK?” “No, seriously. I’m having a hard time coming up with something.” “How about THE VERY SERIOUS ASSCRACK?”

Would taste good with maybe some barbecue sauce

Oh mon, mon, mon, mon, you are

Leta has recently figured out how to operate the DVD remote and because of this we are now forced to watch a certain Sesame Street DVD over and over again. Never mind that we have seven different episodes stored on the TiVo including the one featuring a skit where two Weimaraners are dressed up as [...]

Sewer line replacement begins