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June 2006

Raising an addict

Monday afternoon after spending several hours with Jon’s family we drove 45-minutes to my father’s house. During the entire trip Leta whined that she wanted to watch Elmo. “Do you see a television anywhere in this car?” I asked, and she would wait a few seconds and whine again as if to say, “I don’t [...]

Welcoming her squid overlords

Clean, wholesome fun

I was certain that the first thing LeahPeah PeeHead would tell her family about her trip here was that we forced her to watch 22 consecutive episodes of “The Dog Whisperer,” and that she had a hard time not sneaking into our room at night to choke us to death in our sleep. I can’t [...]

A very wet holiday weekend

My boss gave me the day off

My next piece about The Biggest Movie Star in the World™ is up at Alpha Mom: “But I haven’t ever been interested in the man behind the actor either, because to me he hasn’t ever been human. I haven’t ever wanted him to be human because as the central figure of my pre-adolescent sexual awakening [...]

His future is so bright

It feels so much lighter now I met you

Age of euphemisms

We’ve been introducing the concept of the toilet to Leta for a while now mostly by letting her follow us right into the bathroom to watch as we go potty. You don’t really think about these things until you’re trying to teach another person, but she has to be introduced to the concept of pulling [...]

Neighbor’s kid. I can fit his entire head into my mouth.