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Jonny Jr., ver 2

Jonny Jr., ver 1

Litmus test

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of Chuck sitting by the side of our house in the snow. Never before has something on this website caused such concern, and since then I have received hundreds of email demanding that I turn his collar right-side-up and then post a picture of it so that [...]

Lilacs from the backyard

For your reference

There is an ongoing argument in this house concerning the correct pronunciation of certain words, and it has only become more heated now that we are helping our child shape her vocabulary. One of my worst fears about living in Utah has always been that Leta would develop a Mormon accent, that there would be [...]


My next piece about seeing Sigur Rós in concert is up at Alpha Mom: “I had never before nor have I since seen a more incredible live show. Hundreds of people huddled in complete silence underneath the flapping roof of the tent, and hundreds more spilled out the sides. We rewarded each song with roaring [...]

So cute shoes, huh

More in love than ever

Last night I was sitting in bed reading as Jon locked up the house and cleaned the kitchen. Suddenly he popped his head into the room. “Heather,” he said, “you need to come admire the load job I just did on the dishwasher. It’s that good.” “How good?” I asked. “No other mortal could stack [...]

Unsure whether or not the treat afterward is worth it

Sweet hour of prayer

Saturday morning we all drove out to my sister’s church to attend my eight-year-old nephew’s baptism. I wore my new pink shoes because we were going to be in the Lord’s house, and we all know that He appreciates nothing more than a great outfit. Jon and I sat next to each other a few [...]