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The 27 Worst Family Feud Answers Ever

The 27 Worst Family Feud Answers EverQ: Name a musician who goes by one name. A: Reba McIntyre. (via TMN)

fashion slayers on Flickr

fashion slayers on FlickrA door infected with genital warts. (thanks, Rochelle)

“Brad Pitt’s Butt” – A South Park spec script written by Kristian Idol

“Brad Pitt’s Butt” – A South Park spec script written by Kristian IdolSometimes the Internet rewards you for your Google searches, this one being “butt whispers.”

Credit where credit is due

“Did you work out while you were pregnant?” “Yeah. I signed up for a gym membership and used the elliptical trainer three times a week.” “Do you think it made a difference?” “For sure. It helped during labor when I was in good enough shape to push her out. They also give this test on [...]

The peaceful quiet you create for me

defective yeti: Slammin’

defective yeti: Slammin’“Buying six ounces of Coke seems unfathomably quaint, like riding around in a carriage or steadfastly refusing to believe it’s not butter.”

Pietari Posti Illustration

Pietari Posti IllustrationExcellent portfolio, good for masthead inspiration

Victory declared in Clog Wars

Flash video Quicktime movie

Happy happy

Thanks to the Pack Leader for taking this one.

Clog Standoff: Hour 51

There is no such thing as a right to wear clogs. There is, however, plenty reason to want to beat those who wear them over the head with some common sense.