Voicing his concerns

  • kidsmom


  • http://50books.blogspot.com Doppelganger

    You tell ‘em, Chuck. And for the record, I completely concur.

  • http://wendell77.diaryland.com Wendell77

    Yay for Chuck!

    And, Heather, whomever buys your house is getting lucky too. It seems lovely from the photos you’ve posted.

    Good luck with the yuck of moving…the worst will be over soon!

  • http://notcleverlynamed.blogspot.com lionemom

    Welcome to the second installment of “The Daily Chuck”!! I love this idea, and the pictures, more than you can possibly know. And if you can provide me with some identifying details I volunteer to personally hunt down the naysayers and subject them to whatever they are most allergic to in the world and deny them an epipen or benadryl! :-)

    Because I am THAT appreciative!

  • Christinathemom

    Oddly enough that is the same exact expression my husband makes when he is having his prostate exam.

    or getting the phone bill

    or finding out I tell people on the internet about the facial expressions he makes.

    you are so awesome.

  • http://shiz.ca/ Shiz

    Of COURSE the congressman has concerns! Isn’t this why he became a congressman in the first place?

    Or did he just like the idea of “having congress”?

  • cardshoppegirl

    That’s some Grade A Chuck you got there! :)

  • cgl1297

    Good Chuck pic!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/membirdman Jeff

    Chuck rocks. Nothing more need be said.

  • shannon

    Thank the heavens his collar is pointing up. My head may had exploded if his collar had the incorrect orientation.

  • flytrixie

    Hey Maurice~~

    This just goes to show you how much your opinion matters to the Dooce.

    And to the rest of us.

    So there.

  • http://www.lifebyjames.com JamesT

    Chuck Norris vs. Chuck Armstrong. Mano a dogo? Who would win? Discuss amongst yourselves.

    Haha. I do love Chuck Fridays though!

  • Tori

    It appears that he’s saying something like “I will eat your face!”

    Perhaps he was thinking the new guest bedroom was going to be his new lair. Instead of hanging out in the dark in the basement being emo, he was finally going to have a place to put up his black light posters and other assorted tapestries.

    Looks like GEORGE! has some competition.

  • http://ihearttheastros.wordpress.com ihearttheastros

    Seriously can’t stop laughing at this. I wish I could express to you how funny I think this is. Simply in love.

  • http://sydneys_shadow.blogspot.com SydneyDawn

    Furrr-ocious! I love it.